What is the reason for this silence?

I can’t find the opportunity to write because of the intensity, our struggle continues on very wide fronts, but recently, many people from hypocrites, traitors and black money makers in our community have died. Osman Yanal, a secret Jew and a freemason, is one of them… Şükrü Taşkıran, a secret Armenian and freemason, is another…

Top names are spoken, news is made, but much more hypocrites die from being struck than the lower class, and it is not news.

Also, do you realize that after such people are struck and go to their hell, I write so insulting after them, but there is a deep silence every time. There is a state of collective anxiety, panic, fear. At least, their families, children, close colleagues or Alihan Kuriş, who has already sold himself to Satan and became a mason, should react, right? What is the reason for this collective and determined silence?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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