Nobody gets excited

I will make sure that the disgrace in our congregation is exposed. Developments/events that will shake the whole society will be experienced one after another. These will be truths that
push the limits of tolerance… But nobody should get excited. Those who do the disgraceful things that I will reveal, black money makers, secret Christians, secret Jews, secret masons who seem to be members of our community…

The time has come to reveal the cadres of the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult that have infiltrated our community. It’s time to show the whole world that these are vicious creatures and dehumanised and their murder have become obligatory.

Among the sincere members of our community, among our righteous and righteous brothers,there will be those who have good dreams. They will mostly see the late Mr. Kemal Kacar,our br’er . Matters related to the upcoming process and also to myself and my struggle will be shown very strongly to them.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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