The vain guys in the Britain’s Prime Ministry resign

In this regard, press and do not be fascinated with what is said and written in the media and written. These are not the guys to resign if Johnson did not comply with the corona restrictions. Wouldn’t even care about. They don’t care being killed how many thousand people each day and do you think they care about it?

There are many reasons for the crisis more than one in reality. One of the basic reasons is a clash between the Greens and the Grays on their own. The other one after the interventions of me the corona games expose, the grave crimes reveal, the fact that domination of fear and panic among them, possibility to be judged because what has been happening while deciding step back or not stepping back in the corona games they are thoroughly falling out each other. In addition, it increased the conflicts that they cannot keep up with the balance changes that I caused in world politics, unable to reciprocate, to keep up with my speed. There are also problems where they live in the blows I hit the Mason cult. There are other reasons yet but as I expressed at the beginning, the biggest problem is the conflict between the Grays and Greens right now..

The Gray-Green conflict will also be realized in other countries and other issues which concern the world. I had a metaphysical meeting at these hours last night and called the same moments on the sides around the world. I expressed a lot of things that I will cause and what I’m going to do from now on. “At least now give it up, you still have a chance for some of you. I said at least some of you crash with the crisis and less pain. I appealed to the alien sides and “Come to an end insidious attacks that you make against our planet, nature, the world humanity. Look, I always do the same as I do all the time I do to everyone and clear warning. If you continue these attacks, you will prepare your disastrous end when you want to ruin the world of humanity very soon. I will cause it too. You will badly and collectively die. ” I said and then I have advised, given warnings in sorts of matters. Sometimes “There is no other chance for Europe and the United States. There is no longer back to them. When I tolerate them very long after being given the opportunity, they thought they could continue on the wrong way they have gained time and as if they kept in the common denominator with me. Now, they want to decrease the tension and calm down the storm which is a pity condition to beg. But they preferred this end themselves. It is not possible to meet with them at the common point. There are few civil human communities between them, we are separating them but nothing can do to the remaining stacks. They will see the end they deserve.We would not interfere in anyone’s religion, language, culture, menstruation, land, property, life, and children. When establishing a system that would be useful for all humanity in which we were going to include them. They have not worried about humanity as well and given up their arrogance. They still prefer exploiting, shedding blood, democratizing terror, killing people for their organs every day. Nonetheless, they made the wrong choice, I have thoroughly closed the ways and they will go to ruin every day. They outsmart themselves and are no longer able to get out of it. I said every new day will be experienced new financial, political, military, social crises in them.

Even these are good days … Yes, I  am repeating it by extremely believing  and  getting closer.

– Still wanting to exploit the world, kill most of the world’s humanity with many games, shed blood from the many countries of the world, raise cain I will stop the USA and Europe, prevent them and punish the way they deserve. It is their choice to still want to keep their capital, their company, their families.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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