What NATO man, what NATO?

This disgrace cannot be tolerated any longer.

Biden, the president of the USA, who wants to weave a new Cobweb China-based, which has been able to survive by feeding off terrorism, wars, civil wars and black money, said, “I would like to thank the SDG (YPG/KWP) for its full partnership with us.” said. He said and exceeded the limits of tolerance.

What do we still have to do with them?

On the one hand, they have been keeping us waiting for forty years at the door of the EU, which was set up against us. On the other hand, they made us a member of NATO so that we could be their cheap soldiers, and they have exploited our blood for seventy years. They have able to do all this because of the traitors they bring in power on us. Although we are actually the strongest and most belligerent army of NATO, they have not allow us to have a presence in NATO and in world politics, to make our country prosperous, to develop and to rise. During this time, they have established dozens of terrorist organizations in our country and in the countries around us, which are our former lands. They have made many attempts to invade. They have committed massacres over and over. They’ve had many conflicts. They have shed blood savagely, they have fed on blood. They have done all kinds of black money business, including human smuggling, owing to the authority vacuums and refugee flows they have deliberately created.

They created artificial problems, they did everything in their power to ensure that those problems could not be solved for decades. They kept the press under their control. They have forbidden posing and living like a Turk or a Muslim. They put under extraordinary pressure, they drew boundaries themselves. Even the hijab was banned in the Muslim country for decades. They even set up the religious affairs organization and they set up unbelievable traps for us even through this organization. They even determined the education system and curriculum in our country. They established imam hatip schools and even the nationalist movement. They divided the nation as right-wing and left-wing, and made them hurt each other. They did everything for us not to develop, not to rise, to become stronger. Countless evil, they persecuted. They did everything they could to keep us behind in every field, materially and spiritually, without any hesitation and without any moral or conscientious problems.

Moreover, all this time they were regarded as modern/civilized and exemplary societies, while we were seen as outdated. They are still in this perspective. Europe is the same, the USA is also in the same opinion… They are so accustomed to these unfair, unlawful, arrogant and brutal attitudes, even the last statements of the USA Secretary of State, Ned Price, made with this mentality.

It is as if there is no Turkey, as if the Turkish nation does not exist, as if the Turkish nation has no will, no preferences, no freedom… “They will do whatever we say. If we said that you will go to Ukraine and die, they will go and die. We also sent them to Korea, they died there too. Doesn’t it mean that they are already accustomed to dying and being exploited,” Price’s statements…

On this very day when these developments were experienced, President of the USA Biden also thanked the YPG/KWP for being good partners with them in all kinds of terrorism, murders and massacres, and all kinds of black money dealings, from organ smuggling. Who are the dead, injured, crippled,  kidnapped, whose children kidnapped, kidnapped for their organs, or killed? Turkish people… Syrians… Iraqis… Iranians… Pakistanis… Afghans… In short, Turks and other Muslim people. And they are so arrogant that they openly display all kinds of contradictions, disgrace and meanness before our eyes. When it comes to their business, they even try to recognize the so-called Islamic terrorist organization, the Taliban, as the official government. What a disgrace, what an intolerable level of evil is this…

On the one hand, Turkey is their so-called friend and ally, and the country with which they have an agreement within the scope of NATO, but on the other hand, Turkey’s internal and external enemies, their best partners… If we only open this part, if we try to explain it with countless examples and real events, it would be impossible to write. If we tell it out loud, it won’t end until the morning.

Then… Turkey is a NATO member, a candidate for the EU, an ally, a friend, what rubbish it is…

We do have no friendships with people who are so dehumanized, with nations that keep them at their heads and are too tempted not to let them overtake. We have no allies. We don’t have a contract or a treaty. As I stated in the previous article, we do not take into account the official signatures of the traitors who worked for them for decades. Here I am, my organization is here, my army is here, and other groups acting together with us are also here… Also, countries or groups with which we act together around the world are everywhere… Now I say, “Turkey is not a NATO member. It is not a candidate country to the EU. Its direction is no longer westward. Nor will it destroy its moral, moral and legal foundations with more pro-Western policies and drag itself into more material and moral disasters.

A leader, a government, an army, a group, a single party that trusts its heart should come out and say, “You can’t say that. We won’t make you say that.” Come on, let him say this and let this world mess up. And let the blood and tears rest… Let hundreds of millions of children and women be freed from the Western savages. Let it end now, terror, massacres, murders, rituals of slaughtering people, killings for their organs, rapes, exploitation, nudity, queerness, gender ambiguity, immorality, dishonor and all the filth…

Let’s stir the world up and crush this Western world that doesn’t want to get better together. Do they exist, yes, let them step forward, let’s see…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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