Here we do not recognize them

A spokesperson for the US State Department said, “Don’t panic. Turkey is still a NATO country. In the Russia-Ukraine crisis, they didn’t go beyond the line we had drawn, and they cannot. Don’t pay too much attention to MFS, patriots. Turkey is making moves after us that confirms us, and is signing.” He may have said, he may have spoken in circles. However, as I have always stated, we do not recognize those who signed those signatures, nor do we recognize those signatures or documents. Because the signatories do not have any official documents and qualifications necessary from the very beginning to come to those authorities and fulfill that duty… Moreover, they were brought to power and held there by the unlawful interventions of the USA, European countries and Israel… Every day, every hour, who betrayed Turkish people and still continue to betray. What is incomprehensible to this? Let alone the official signatures and decisions taken recently and on the latest agenda issues, none of the signatures that have been made for a long time have anything that binds us. How many times do I have to tell you about this?

Even the first Turkish signatures, which enabled/approved Turkey’s official membership in NATO, were made by traitors. Those who signed those signatures on behalf of Turkey were not Turks either. They were Masons, secret Jews, secret Armenians. They were people working to the US, the UK, and the Cobweb Cult. They were people who had betrayed Turkey all their lives.

I wonder if Ned Price cannot see this obvious truth because he is a bionic robot, works with an artificial intelligence system, or does he not want to see this truth because he has a Gray alien inside working for the Grays England-based? The real Ned Price was also a superfluous person who had lost his mind due to Satanism, evil and meanness, and had unbalanced attitudes/outputs. Does the bionic robot that replaces him have to act so faithfully to the real Ned? At times can’t he act rationally, realistically, and considerately, doing what the real Ned Price couldn’t?

He can’t see or doesn’t want to see it or whatever… His own problems, we don’t care. We will not repeat and speak in circles.

We do not re-cog-nize

We are here in our homeland like lions. Let’s see them, see the traitors in Turkey working for them, see the bionic robots, see the members of the Masonic cult… Let’s see how they can make Turkey act like a NATO member despite us.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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