What is it the benefit?

It’s a shame for the expense that the state has made with its resources. Despite the nation is hungry, destitute he went on a visit to Ukraine that would not change the outcome at all, whether he went or not. The whole world just watched, and he couldn’t stand upright there either.

It was the volume of trade, friendship, brotherhood… The whole world now knows that shopping with Ukraine, prostitution, drug, people, organs, children, babies… All kinds of black money transactions…

The whole world will figüre out and understand that there is a three-punch gray working for the British-based grays in the bionic robot Tayyip, and there is a three-punch gray working for the British-based grays in the bionic robot Zelensky. Their spouses are also from the same grays… It is a futile effort to try to pass the Grays’ effort/struggle for unity and solidarity against the Greens as “friendship and so called brotherhood between Turkey and Ukraine”. The era in which alien human species can now direct world politics, military and financial balances with bionic robots is over. Even the fact that dozens of countries have started to take a step back in the corona games is the manifestation of this. It’s over… Everyone has to accept that the era is over.

Besides, Ukraine is neither our friend nor our brother. It is not our ally. We are not brothers and friends with the people of Ukraine. May Allah forbid, we cannot be friends or brothers with a society that has abandoned morality, honor, justice and even humanity to such an extent and is likely to perish. The bionic robot Tayyip, which has a gray inside, cannot change these facts and these balances. Alien or earthly superiors who play him on the field cannot change these facts and balances.

Anyone who still has people left in Ukraine must leave. I’ve said this second time, it’s very unlikely that I’ll say it a third time. Ukraine is over…

It is intolerable that our state’s illegitimate, fake certificate, black money, traitor president, after saying “Putin will come to Turkey after his visit to China”, was officially denied. Years ago, Iran immediately and officially denied the Minister of Criminal Affairs(so called Foreign Affairs) , Solomon Soysuz, who lied that “we carried out a joint terrorist operation with Iran”. He is still held in that position.

It is not possible for a type of person known for betrayal, disgrace, indecency, black money, cruelty, lawlessness, and now a bionic robot, to still be at the head of this state. Turkey has to put Ukraine aside and fight to save itself as soon as possible.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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