No obstacles

Putin has made the expected explanation after me. “Next year there are natural gas problems in many European countries.” He said. But all sides understand that phrase means”I can cut your natural gas every moment, get smart, get out of the realm of the imaginary.”

I also think the Western world should be smart anymore. In the last few years in the world, I have caused the stability changes at shocking level, it should be considered that the world is not the old world, it has already gone down themselves / the West.

Rusya’nın Ukrayna’yı vurmasının önünde hiçbir gerçek mani yok. Hayal aleminde yaşamakta ısrar edenlerin hayali manileri, arkası boş tehditleri var. Rusya istese, batı dünyasının sesini bir günde tamamen kesebilir.

There is no real obstacles in front of Russia to strike Ukraine. The imaginary manners that persist in the realm of dreams have empty threats. If Russia wants, she can completely cut the sound of the Western world in a day.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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