It didn’t suit at all, it doesn’t suit at all

The body does not accept it, it excludes it.

Why are you still checking my pulse? What is incomprehensible? I don’t care who does what to Ekrem Imamyan and his gang. I gave him opportunities on time. I would adjust the balances of Turkey and the world in his favor. He preferred collusion with power. He continued his betrayals and dirty deeds with them. He preferred to act in front of me with his usual arrogance, his usual hostility to Turks and Islam. He also made LGBT appearances out of spite, and he exasperates on many issues out of spite.

That job is already over there… Ukraine, Japan, Imamyan, Trump and others known… I am already done with all of them. Do not include me, do not infect me. I can’t spend more time with individuals, groups and countries whose fate is already known. Turkey and the world have very big, very serious, very urgent issues and I am busy with them. I don’t have a minute to waste with fags and fag lovers.

If Ekrem is to be removed from the presidency of IMM, it will be for the benefit of the country, nation and future generations. It would be a very useful step in preserving morality, honor and generations. After being demoted, he can establish the “Chinese Volunteers Association” or “Fag Lovers Association” and become the general president there. He can also take the Chinese or LGBT flags and walk around the squares or on the screens. There are already many different identities and stances that contradict each other, at least one should stay fixed. Know what breed it is. Existing laws are good for them, it is sad that they are on their side… No matter what he does, Ekrem should not stand at the head of a city like Istanbul. I think it doesn’t suit that position at all, it doesn’t. All kinds of lies, tricks, corruption, his swindlers and treason connections were also revealed and still are.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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