Still don’t understand?

What they called the Big Bang is this:

Apocalypse will take place when Israfil (pbuh) who is one of the main Angels in islam blow the horn. That means that everything which is substance in the universe will be atomized and disappeared. But their atoms will continue to exist. Then, Israfil (pbuh) will blow the horn one more time and everything will return to its former state. It happens due to the atoms that will suddenly combine together.

This is the big bang…

They made the last heavy attack because of all the imposed lies are collapsing, because of the world of science is in shock and the charlatans who are known as scientists are caught red handed.

So, this is how we response…

I will tell the other subjects that I wasn’t going to tell in a short while and then, let us see the masons, satanists, the so-called scientific communities and the so-called scientists…

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