Detecting bionic robots isn’t hard

I also wrote that there are some technological/scientific methods to understand whether a person is a bionic robot. I will give a little more information on this issue for now. It is not possible for everyone to find this technological opportunity, but states/governments, secret services, large holdings, large congregations, armies, large universities, large broadcasting organizations can do this without difficulty.

Tissue samples should be taken from the person suspected of being a bionic robot. In the worst case, the hair should be removed and examined in an informal laboratory where bionic robots have not infiltrated. When this is done with sufficient technical means, it can be easily seen that the hair texture, especially the hair follicle, is created artificially, in a short time and in a different structure. This can be compared to the fact that the human eye cannot distinguish counterfeit money made with features very close to the real thing, but devices can distinguish it easily and in a short time. For example, they can examine the hair of the new Forensic Medicine Institute President, Hızır Aslıyüksek, by taking over his friends in the same institution and see that he is a bionic robot.

There is more. Bionic robots can also be understood by injecting a liquid into the suspect person in such a way as to appear to be vaccinating, and then measuring the body’s response. If it is a real human, its reaction to that kind of liquid will be different, if it is a bionic robot, it will be very different. Artificially assembled systems begin to malfunction, conflict and become unable to hide it.

It is also possible to develop a hand-held device without the need for tissue samples and laboratory examinations, and to determine whether a person is a bionic robot or not, with the device in question without being aware of it. Maybe in the coming days I will explain the basic working principle of this device. Maybe they will annoy me, I will also tell you how to detect alien bases underground in our world, how to detect the entrance and exit parts of the bases and how to destroy the said bases and cause mass deaths there before they are completely destroyed.

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