I invite them to the mat

China has started to have an open stance about Kazakhstan. Very far from history, science, honesty, laughter-inducing shares were made on social media accounts with a high number of followers, “Kazakhstan belongs to China. It should be connected to the motherland.”

I’m very pleased with that. I challenge China, which has been enlarged with hormones and in a very short time. I invite you to use all your strength, all your cards and not to run away from this game until the end. I want to inform the whole world from the beginning that it will be a very high-pleasure fight. I also guarantee that in a short time China will be divided into at least four, possibly seven parts.

Even the fact that they are in collusion with Russia and the United States cannot save China. The alien balances and bionic robots in the background can’t save China, either. Already, in the process in which the USA and Russia, whose administrations have been taken over by bionic robots are about to take very big blows one after the other, China will reveal itself. It would also prefer to be the target of the whole world.

Come on, the one who runs away is a scoundrel, a coward. Come on, while I’m on this Earth, let’s see who can build a China-based Ankebut Cult. Let’s see who can exploit the Turkish world while I’m here, persecute there, shed blood there, keep their treacherous men and bionic robots in power there.

Russia has already started paying the price for trying to pawn the Gypsy-based Ankebut Cult project. This price is increasing every day. This collusion game is seen and understood by more people all over the world every day. China, which deliberately killed tens of thousands of Gypsy citizens and deliberately killed tens of thousands of China citizens due to lack of money and had to steal their organs… A
China who is behind the crimes against humanity committed and being committed all over the world and whose administrators should be hanged on the square… A China who has already seen that the Ankebut Cult can no longer be maintained… A China who is also aware that it is impossible to protect his current borders… How will it prevent what I can do in the Turkish world, I really want to see this, I want to show it to the world. I also really want the exhausted Masonic sect to take the final blows in this process.

There is a never-ending love of conquest in me. I say like Fatih Sultan Selim, “This world is too small for two sultans.”

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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