Corona has a cure

Those certain states/governments under the control of the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult have had the cure for corona from the very beginning. Pay attention, there is not a vaccine against corona, but a drug that has been developed and kept ready and cures in a short time against corona. Despite this, all kinds of drugs that are known to be of no use were given to an exaggerated number of people diagnosed with corona every day. The majority of people diagnosed with corona were actually flu, not corona. In the end, it turned out that these drugs does not have any benefit against the corona, they had severe side effects, and these drugs were the cause of many deaths. It turned out that the drugs in question were used both together and in high quantities in order to put people who already had the flu but who were old or with internal diseases into crisis and killed them in a short time. “What are these drugs, they’ve been killing me since I started drinking.” There were many people who did not die, even if they believed in the risk of dying by saying the same thing and saving their lives by daring to stop taking those drugs. The vast majority of those who continued on the drugs died because of the drugs. People from all over Turkey talked and told about these, but what happened next? Has an investigation been initiated? Now it has become clear that the drugs do not help at all, on the contrary, cause great harm and cause death, months pass. Has anyone started an investigation? Do we have an official institution investigating what the so-called scientific committee actually is, in which secret Armenians, secret Jews, secret masons, experts working for the secret services, and black money makers?

Even among Turkish doctors, he caught the corona virus, was taken to the intensive care unit, and then had his mobile phone recorded at the opportunity he found, saying, “I am a doctor. The virus does not kill. Wrong treatment kills. The treatment given to me here is absolutely wrong. There were those who said, “The drugs are the wrong drugs,” and then died. The videos in question were censored on the so-called social networks, whose real owner was the CIA, but could not be made completely invisible. There were many among our nation who saw, watched and were horrified. What happened then? Has an investigation or scientific investigation/study been initiated?

Corona is a laboratory-produced virus spread around the world in an organized manner by the anti-human satanist governments affiliated with the Ankebut Cult. Those who claim that there is no explicit virus are not correct. There is also the virus, but among those who fight against the corona games, there are those who exaggerate, there is also deception. Because there are many malicious doctors, journalists and social media celebrities who mingle with people who give such a useful and necessary struggle on behalf of humanity. Behind them is the Masonic cult and the MIT, which is under their control. The CIA is behind it.

Behind the corona games, there is also the deliberate application of wrong treatments and the imposition of drugs that will lead to death. There is also black money, organ trafficking, which is based on the large number of people who were killed in this way. There is also live human trafficking. Through so-called vaccines, there is an attack on the health of humanity, its genetic codes, and even future generations. There is also the possibility of sending vaccinated people into a frenzy by sending a signal when the time comes, or causing them to die en masse in a way that looks like a heart attack. There is also the issue of making the arguments, fights and problems gigantic by keeping people angry all the time. In fact, on the occasion of closures and restrictions, there are certain mason-filled governments turning black money from the background and through official means. There are also the works of transporting live people, organs, drugs and black money by official vehicles of states, sometimes by police vehicles, sometimes by ambulances.

There has been a very high increase in heart attacks in Turkey in recent months. Is there anyone with official authority investigating the cause? Or has anyone started an investigation seeing it as a national security issue? Does anyone say “what’s going on with these people”? I don’t know if he was sincere, but a prosecutor came out and spoke at length in front of his camera. Afterwards, he was dismissed from his duty even though no legal and medical/scientific reasons could be given. Why, for whom, on what law? For what purpose? Are those who signed the decision to dismiss the prosecutor in question also Masons or secret Masons? Someone taking instructions from the Masons? Have they been investigated?

Not only have the animals gotten weirder. The number of football players who dies in the stadiums has also increased. The number of people who died in traffic accidents among vaccinated athletes has also increased. Everything got weird. It’s not just climates, earthquakes, strange rains, tornadoes, storms that are our issue… Everything has gotten weird.

It is clear that the Jews, satanists and secret Armenians organized through the Masonic cult mean to Turkey and the Turkish nation, that the inhuman plans (not only corona and organ plans) implemented by the Ankebut Cult in many countries at the same time constitute the Turkish leg of them. Is there an investigation or a trial?

Because every year, due to the ordinary flow of life, there are a few undesirable events in the institutions of Islamic cults, which are instrumental in hundreds of thousands of young people studying at university and receiving moral education while they have financial impossibility… Those who shout as loud as they can… These are the people who are members of the cult, Turkish citizens, respectful of the law, and insulting civilized people… Freemasons, secret Jews, secret Armenians, secret Greeks, secret Satanists… How many of them are among those who were appointed as experts in the so-called scientific committee, in the current cabinet of the JDPKWP(AKPKK) organized crime, terror, and betrayal organization, at the head of important/effective health institutions, in the press, and media? How are the connections, has an investigation been started?

When they are caught the corona, they make their men, masons, secret Jews, secret Armenians, secret satanists, secret Greeks, those traitors, those enemies of humanity use the drug in question.

Those who do not, believe me, can also ask Tayyip, German, English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, French, American official authorities. Ask them, ask them… Ask them with formal petitions, demand answers, with official validity. Maybe they will officially deny it, and then concrete evidence will spread, proving the inhumane works going on in the background of the corona at the same time in many countries of the world. How big does the world mess up… I almost forgot, you can also ask Bill Gates, who has been turned into an authority above governments, and his so-called foundations. Maybe those so-called foundations know from where by whom and how the virus spread in the first moments. Maybe they also know what the liquids called vaccines actually cause. They also know what was going on in Spain in the early days. Maybe even his own men talked or corresponded about such facts among themselves.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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