We will close ourselves fifteen days, we will retreat

We will close ourselves fifteen days, we will retreat.

We have received the intelligence of Greece and the European side who backs up Greece to be very angry and to make us metaphysical attacks against us. They also will stir up trouble in Cyprus and Turkey. They planned moves against too bad. For these reasons, we will close ourselves fifteen days as a precautionary measure, we will retreat. In Turkey and the world we will not get into any metaphysical conflict, we will not also strike anyone. In addition, Turkey, especially in Turkey, we will not interfere with political, military and financial issues. We will not even make publications. First of all we have to evade this great danger, we need to get over it. It will be very difficult, we will also slog away, Turkey will also experience great hardships but we will also get over it.

Don’t know if anyone is awaiting for me to write and make decisions in the form, but we are laughing, as we witness the states of official competent people from different parts of the world, listen to their conversations we are laughing, enjoying. Reports from around the world are bursting us into laughters we are saying; “We are well organized. We have been struggling with intimacy and long term. We’ve never been afraid. On this road we have set off with divine intentions, we have not lost our hearts on the world’s property and position. We have carried-the can at times from time to time but we have not given up on our cause again. We are now where we deserve. We will not overcome by languor and show our strength more clearly to the whole world. ” .

Some Western and Eastern sides, which we have recently struck and broken their jobs, evaluate the secret Armenian / Christian gangs within Turkey, the so-called political parties under the control of these are the supposed political parties under the control of the so-called civil society organizations and the famous terrorist organizations as a card.

The Armenian betrayal gangs have many men in the state system in Turkey. All of them can also want to use those people that the name by name, object by object disclosed. In our opinion, it is not a serious problem, but when they want to play them as cards against us, our reaction will necessarily be the kind that goes over with a bang, makes a lot of noise, in the first place in the world media and is made news for minutes. Every nation reacts in the same way, harshly, loudly, ruthlessly, and sweepingly against a betrayal and terror group that manipulates the power/institutions of their state against them unjustly and with treachery, and even commits/perpetuates ruthless terrorist attacks. With the utmost faith and knowing with certainty what I can do, I express that at every dawn, the carcasses of secret Armenian traitors and terrorists exhibit on the gallows pole of many cities in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Those with official authority/identity hang in the first days. The world media also would have to present these shocking images, emphasize them for a long time, and have the relevant people talk about them. It would be very nice, and it would set an example for all oppressed nations in the world, nations that were oppressed, silenced, and exploited with the terror card.

All of them unambivalently see what they need to do to become a truly free state/nation. They see that a nation can do it after wanting, that traitors and terrorists are unable to resist such a nation coup, the Western countries that marionette them helplessly watch what’s going on.

I hope that those masons, those Satanists, those crusaders, those colonialists, those Greeks, those murderers, those human butchers use such a card against us, Turkey and Cyprus, and their final decision will be made in this direction. As always, I sincerely write, it works for us too. We are very pleased with this and we will gladly give the necessary response. I keep saying “it is imminent” anyway. I can clearly state that the last one or two fine-tunings are missing and that we are doing it quickly. If they use Armenian gangs against us, let me give a clear name and address that Kılıçdaryan and his gang, the CHPKK, HDPKK, which is no different from them, militants who are called or not called deputies affiliated with them, and terrorist groups that they call various short names… In Turkey or Cyprus, if any civilian or military official gets a nosebleed, I will turn Turkey and Cyprus into slaughterhouses. No one can come and take them away from me. Again, I’ll have a hundred people executed or beheaded for one.

This process, which I say “it is imminent”, would accelerate and I would totally burn, hang and crush the government, the collusive opposition, the secret Armenian, Jewish, freemason, satanist, crusader, anyone who infiltrates my army, and who infiltrates the institutions of my state. Because I am fair. I burn if someone unjustly burns. I cut if someone unjustly cuts. I hang if someone unjustly hangs. I break if someone unjustly breaks. If a person detonates a grenade in a place, I take that person and blow it up with a bomb on the ground and in front of the cameras. Eye for eye, blood for blood, tooth for tooth…

Come on, here’s the challenge… We can start right now. Let me see how many people, how many so-called political parties, how many groups/organizations or how many colonial countries can stand in front of me and step forward.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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