Not every truth is said everywhere, it is not said

It is necessary to wait for the time, to comply with para-policy. In addition, my opinions about certain subjects and individuals may change over time. Because the information and evidence that I could not obtain in previous years can reach me later. When this is the case, I say, “I have changed my mind on this matter,” without any hesitation.

For decade, such a change of opinion has occurred on only a few issues among thousands of issues. I expressed these without hesitation, and I do. I’m not an angel, I’m human. I am not without fault, without sin. Even prophets have tiny mistakes that are not at the level of sin. In the early years, I was truly alone and carrying an impossible burden. Despite this, if I have expressed opinions by making informative publications/shares on thousands of issues and made mistakes on only a few issues, this is actually a great success.

There are also “educated” people who publish here and there, who benefit from the Akademi Magazine with admiration, whose horizons are broadened in a short time thanks to the Akademi Magazine, who realize the truths that they cannot realize in a lifetime, who take a few lifetimes in one year, but who, instead of being grateful for such a blessing, are looking for a deficit. there is. Even if you look at them, you will find that they can find very deep, detailed parts and rarely a few errors. Some might say, “The name of the magazine is Akademi, but it used the photograph of an Armenian woman as a Turkish woman at the front during the Dardanelles War,” and cannot find any other fault. They are telling the truth, but they do not criticize in good intent. They both wing a flight thanks to Akademi Magazine and attack the Akademi Magazine with ulterior motives. It would be a great disappointment to find a service like Akademi Magazine and not benefit from it, not to appreciate it, and especially to be against it and look for its deficit, in this era when one is so dry from the scientific point of view, and so dark from the spiritual/moral point of view.

It would be a great blessing. These people also know that they can talk about hundreds of issues that they could not talk about out of fear until a few years ago, thanks to the struggle of the Akademi Magazine, paying the price, and the atmosphere of freedom it creates, but they still fall into the hands of their egos to the point that they do not appreciate it and can fight against it. There is no point in talking about them anyway, they are finished, they are exhausted. They’ve already passed where words fail.

There are still many people and issues/events that I have not told in the know. I’ll tell you when the time is right. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu was one of them, and now I have told a little about it. I still haven’t told the details. For years, when Muhsin Yaziciyan was the subject, ” No big deal and no biggie”, “He was not that accurate, qualified, exemplary person”, “He also had serious mistakes.” I have written openly. Those who have the foresight already understood what I meant from such sentences.

Do not tell every truth everywhere. If it would not be beneficial, not accepted, and would cause unnecessary arguments and conflicts when said, if you have a strong belief that this will be the case, do not explain that issue at that time and in that place. If you do this, you will not be held religiously responsible, and you will not be held accountable in the Hereafter. Learn fiqh, these issues were explained in Akademi Magazine years ago and in today’s Turkish, in a way that everyone can understand.

And get ready, I will tell you more shocking facts soon Insha’Allah(God willing)…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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