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Some remarkable articles are published in the Western press. The articles in question clearly express how much the EU and NATO need Turkey. It is said that in the last two years, its relations with Turkey have taken great blows. In addition, there is diplomatic traffic in this manner in the background. On top of that, Tayyip makes evasive sentences about the Russia-Ukraine crisis that cannot be fully understood what he says, where he stands, and what he is aiming for. Although the question is very clear, while answering, “Turkey is a member of NATO. NATO’s statutes and conditions are clear.” he can’t say. Instead, “For Russia to take this step, it needs to review the situation around the world and its situation.” says. He states that Russia lost a great deal of power in a short time, remained in very difficult conditions and that there were major breaks in the world balances, although he could not say who the cause was. There is no opposition or attitude towards Russia. There is not a single sentence that shows that he will stand upright and fight against it. All parties in the world already know how cowardly and resilient Tayyip is Tayyip, and that he is/is not overruled in matters on Turkey’s foreign policy. Therefore, it is necessary not to give a continental on this part.

It should be well known that aside from who is officially in power in Turkey and how he/she stands or cannot, I have explained in the clearest terms how Turkey’s stance will be in the Russia-Ukraine issue. There’s no point in repeating it. Everyone knows what to do and what not to do. Turkey is not a side to this issue, and we do not want it to be a side. If any side that somehow involved Turkey in this issue is the West/NATO side, we will openly take a pro-Russian stance and fight against the West/NATO. It will be the other way around. If Russia somehow pulls Turkey into this conflict, we will fight pro-Western/NATO and deal “deadly” blows against Russia. Because it is an indisputable truth that if such a weakened and disgraced Russia receives blows from us again, these blows will turn into fatal blows.

I don’t speak in such evasive terms. My stance on every subject is always clear and precise. I don’t take one step forward or two steps back. Such things are not in my past. It won’t happen in the future. Here I say with such a clear and determined stance that the Russia-Ukraine conflict will not cause a world war. However, if Turkey is included in this conflict despite me, then not only Turkey but the whole world will burn and I will not be responsible.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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