Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu is dead, other Muhsins will die too

In an article I wrote a while ago, in my publications for more than ten years, I stated that I broke the rules on many issues and individuals, that I had a very difficult time in this struggle at first, that people did not want to accept it, but that these issues are now well-known and accepted by everyone. I stated that the lies and deceptions were replaced by the truth, that many of the traps set against Turks and other Muslim nations were destroyed, but I would also tell more shocking facts that I had not written, published or told until today.

One of those shocking facts is the fact of Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu… Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, who was valued more accurately after his death and who did not look back until the moment he was killed, was venerated by the insincere crowds after his murder and was not in the limelight… I will tell you the shocking facts in a few lines without further ado.

Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, who had been involved in political activities in connection with the MHPKK since the very beginning, operates within the MHPKK organized crime, terror and treason organization, and grew up in the so-called nationalist the Grey Wolves, founded by them, based in the USA, he had been involved in all kinds of black money works of the organization called the Grey Wolves, which has been full of secret Jews and secret Armenians since the past. A black money man, who was involved in all kinds of black money works of the secret Armenian-filled organization, who carried out activities together with the men of the MIT, that is, the secret Armenian and secret Jewish and traitor and black money superiors in the MIT, is nothing but a secret Armenian.

There was no real change and no progress towards guidance in Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu after Özal in Turkey, when Islamic activities were increased by the name of Islamism and Islamic discourses and references were expressed more freely. The Alperen Guilds were not established for a different purpose than the Grey Wolves. Until the last day of his life, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu did not hold back from his secret Armenian connections, the fight against money and his MIT membership. The stories about him that were spread after his murder and that he was a great patriot and a Muslim with high faith are all made up.

His murder did not actually take the form of an assassination or murder while trying to defend and preserve the homeland and nation. It was an assassination that took place as a result of the internal conflict between them. There are also some allegations that he was killed shortly before he was killed. These are not things to be reckoned with. One of these claims is the claim that the Gospel of Barnabas has been found… Allegedly, Muhsin Yaziciyan kept photographs of a few pages of the Gospel of Barnabas on his mobile phone and showed them to his interlocutors in some assemblies and environments he went to. FETO made a sound on this issue and was disturbed by it, and took the decision to execute Muhsin Yaziciyan. This is not a completely true story. Muhsin was not killed for this reason. This is nothing but malicious intent.

Actor Ahmet Yenilmez voiced this claim most strongly. This is not surprising at all. Because Ahmet Yenilmez is also a secret Armenian who belongs to the same system. In fact, he is a person who knows very well who is what and who is doing what. He is a person who has been promoted in acting because he is an Armenian, and has always been featured in TV series and movies shot by a secret Jew Osman Sınav as an MIT project. These people have operated continuously within the Turkish nation, within Turkey, and they continue to operate by hiding their true identities, goals, connections, and the real reasons for their conflicts. In order not to be disclosed and not to emerge as an organization, they have made and are making all kinds of explanations and directions to hide their true face in various matters.

In addition, it should be known that even if there is a true Bible, that is, the true Bible, which has not been distorted and has not been corrupted, as it is claimed, the provision of this true Bible has been abolished. The Qur’an abrogated the previous books of truth. Muslims no longer need the true Bible. If the true Bible were found right now and Muslims abandoned the Quran and followed it, they would gone astray and eventually become the inhabitants of Hell. Also, if a person says, “I have found the undistorted version of the Bible,” how will he prove to the Christian world and to all humanity that he is the true Bible? Will the masses who have seen the miracles of the prophets, splitting the moon in two, leaving footprints on the stones, splitting the sea with his staff, and hundreds of other incredible miracles and yet not believing, will now give credit to those who say, “We have found the Gospel of Barbanas, and this is the true Bible”? These are always tricks, always traps… They always set these traps because they are secret Armenians, secret Greeks, secret Christians, secret missionaries.

Muhsin was one of those people who acted the role of a Muslim, Turkish, nationalist and patriot even though he was one of them. He really fell victim to internal conflicts among themselves. He was killed because he did not know his place in the balances that were desired to be established, and because he made moves beyond his power. Behind the background of this murder, there are many traitors, black money, and evil people, from Tayyip to AKPK members, MHPKK members to FETO members, from the secret Armenian gang to which he is a member, to the secret services and mafia in the western world. There are even Russian mafias.

Even the fact that Muhsin Yaziciyan sided with the Menzil cult in his last period was related to his secret Armenianness and black money… Years ago, I wrote and told that the Menzil is a corrupt cult of heresy, and also an ambush set up by the Armenians pretending to be Kurds… There are, hidden Armenianism, black money, missionary work, MIT, Hakan Fidan, secret Armenian tribes etc. behind Menzil. Although Muhsin already knew all of this, he stayed very close to the Menzil and aided and abetted the Muslim Turks to fall further into the Menzil trap. He wanted the Muslim Turks to be subject to the false gavsa in Menzil, to that witchy human devil, and to the sorcerers and black money traitors around him. Even their religion would be destroyed, they would even lose their faith, there would be a disaster in the world and the hereafter, and he did not care.

Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu was in reality such a lowly, such a hypocrite. There are thousands of people in the field who know what I am talking about and much more that I have not told yet. Those who are now ignorant and raise their voices so as not to research, investigate and break the routine will soon hit hard rock.

Within the Grey Wolves, which is an American/Zionist project, there have been real nationalists and heroes who have been fighting with purely sincere intentions for decades, not knowing what has been going on, not knowing who is who. There were also those who drank the sherbet of martyrdom. But even that doesn’t change the truth. The real Muslim Turks’ distance from the MHPKK, Devlet Bohçalı, the Grey Wolves of which he was one of the founders, fake heroes like Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu, the snares set up with malicious intent like the Alperen Guilds, the BBP and that traitor Mustafa Destici, It is imperative that he completely disrupt the games and prevent Turkey’s decades and a few more generations from being wasted with collusion. At the moment, the primary duty is to expose and discredit all the traitors who blended into the cause of the Muslim Turk by appearing as Turks and Muslims.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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