Interpretation of the tiger dream

Follower message: “Br’erMehmet, s.a, I saw a giant red tiger in my dream You are that tiger, you have your own forest, its trees are very different, it is branchless and leafless almost to the sky,,continues All the people are gathered around you, a very big and majestic tiger … you make a sign as if to say, look behind you, hurry, as I enter the door of the forest with a scruff,,,, I looked behind me, I saw very difficult bad landscapes, then the plundered, cluttered streets sat on the ground and cried. I saw people…. They didn’t write anything good in their dream interpretation to see the tiger, but the tiger I saw was very good, docile, majestic, noble”

Animals such as lion, tiger, leopard, leopard, cheetah are all animals in the same category and their terms are very similar.

All these have the following close meanings:

To be the head of state. Having too much property and power. To be a wise person. To be a leader at his job and duty. Coming to the highest office in an official institution. Entering a period of happiness and victory. To hit the jackpot. To be a righteous/good servant in the sight of Allah. To do very good, very useful works and to destroy those who is jealous, the enemies. To win over all opponents and foes at the same time. To act resolutely and to reach their goals, without heeding the unnecessary criticisms and words coming from the environment. To love the challenge, to be able to do things that seem impossible and that many people refuse to even think about. To be someone people respect, love, but also fear and worry about. Defeating his enemies and gaining great loot.

If a tiger is huge like a giant in a dream, it means that his power and savings are also large in proportion. The fact that the tiger is red means that it has great dignity and honor.

The forest is the safe place where countries, nations, communities and individuals gather who hear me, know me and see the righteousness of my path and take action. Troubles and calamities will either not come to it at all or relatively little. Those who stay outside, those who know and hear me and understand that this struggle is for all humanity, but those who do not follow me into the forest, will fall into great disasters around the world. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, infectious diseases, all kinds of other diseases, lack of treatment opportunities, civil wars, wars, the third world war, hunger, famine, spiritual depressions, street movements, looting, thefts, murders, massacres will all be experienced together. No tribe that thought it was possible to live without religion and immorality in this world has never been able to do so. They were destroyed on various occasions. This time, on the other hand, is an advanced and widespread time of irreligion, immorality, rebellion, cruelty, tears, blood, disgrace like never before seen in the history of the world. Until these times, deadlines have been given, from now on this world will be cleansed of human demons.

Although you have been following and benefiting from the Akademi Magazine all this time, I understand from the dream that you still do not stand upright enough and you make concessions on many issues with various excuses. This is about to drag you into the calamities of this world and the hereafter. It seems from your dream that I will have warned you like this and you will be one of the undamneds.

There will be almost no one left who does not hear my name on earth and in the sky, does not hear my voice/struggle, does not follow me, does not stand by me. But this unity will not be established immediately. It will be established after such grave, such great and widespread disasters. The people who are mostly human will remain, the good ones. They also will have understood thoroughly how necessary and indispensable it is to always fight evil and evil and not to make any concessions on this issue. In this way, the world will begin to transform from a hell-like world into a paradise-like world.

Right now, I have a huge impact on the whole world, very strong, but there is no such unity and togetherness at the moment. Because there are many nations, parties, groups and individuals all over the world who do not change their wrong stances, do not correct their moral, do not fight against human demons that have taken over, and do not even interfere in black money matters and even organ affairs, despite hearing my voice.

The results of all these things will be very good. Everyone will get their deserts. The good will find good, the bad will find evil. It will be like this both in the world and in the hereafter. The world will be a single state, as is heralded in the hadith holy. A single leader will rule the whole world and this person will be a very just and true Muslim person.

Our religion is right, our cult is right. We will protect and support the oppressed all over the world if they stand up and fight sincerely. We will make sure that they are saved too. We will enable them to live freely within the framework of their own beliefs, and to live in very healthy conditions with the freedom of life, property, race, religion, worship and thought. However, despite all our struggles, we will stay away from people, masses and nations that have never fought so much evil and only focus on saving themselves. We will leave them to experience the disasters they deserve.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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