The Cobweb Cult (Ankebut) concentrates on Bulgaria

The Cobweb Cult is trying to turn the developments in their favour in Bulgaria. They are saying that MFS will not have a say here, it will not happen what he wants. They make their own plans for the future. But they are wasting their time.

The Bulgarian people have also suffered from The Cobweb Cult and still have. If the Bulgarian people stand upright and do not give up their struggle until the end, I and all the power elements those who are with me will be with them. It is not possible for The Cobweb Cult, which is divided, its command and command system have collapsed, been exposed a lot, and they are struggling with financial difficulties, and continues to lose its big boys day by day, being the winning side in Bulgaria and continue to exploit the Bulgarian people. It is not possible for them to preserve the exploitation system and protect treacherous men in Bulgaria.

This is the case for all countries… We have brought the world into such a balance that by standing upright and struggling properly, to be truly free, to prevent the exploitation of countries’ resources, to eliminate injustices, to be in material and spiritual well-being, to be legal and unscientific under the pretext of corona. There is no possibility that people who want to remove restrictions/bans and put an end to the black money business going on behind them will not be able to do this.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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