A chaotic and disintegrated America…

There is also a fear of internal turmoil in the USA administrative staff. They fear both the possibility of a military coup and a public uprising. While almost everywhere in the world will mutiny, there is no possibility that the USA will not. There is a possibility that the USA will be one of the countries that will mutiny first. Due to the corona viruses produced in laboratories and spread to the world in collusion by the USA with European countries and China, life has become more difficult, the rules and restrictions, people who have entered the hospitals intact and died within a day or two, organ trafficking… The fact that the majority of the people are convinced that fraud took place in the last US elections, that Trump’s collusion is revealed, that the USA administration is acting almost like the USA directorate of the Chinese government, that the American people cannot look at the future with hope will cause internal turmoil. The corruption caused by the treatment of black people and the fact that the community has been dragged into all kinds of material and moral/ethical disasters by the state will also bring the American people to the streets.

One of the reasons for this result is that the black money works carried out by the USA with the help of the state have taken great blows all over the world. It is obvious that the organ works done with the corona and variant games cannot close the gaps. They are no longer able to close the huge financial deficits and exploit the nations of the world as they wish. Reasonable people in USA politics are not able to foresee the very near future. They have already understood that there is no possibility for the USA not to meddle and divide. They also acknowledge that the people of the United States are in fact already meddled and divided.

Since there is no religious and moral infrastructure that will cause the American people to be patient, endure and fight with perseverance, the USA will be one of the countries that meddles most rapidly and violently. They will find what they have already done. Since 1945, the Cobweb Cult, those satanists, those masons, those Jews have caused great distress the world humanity mostly through the USA. And although the American people are aware of these atrocities, exploitation, atrocities, and massacres, the overwhelming majority of them has ignored this grave reality and tried to live a life of happiness on the blood of others, and here is the result.

The politicians in question can also foresee that when the American people take to the streets, it is not possible to control the people and that everyone can go out with a gun. For this reason, although the USA administration is already trying to take its measures, they are struggling desperately. They will try to keep the government offices and administrative departments afloat as long as possible, but they will try in vain.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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