Omicron lies rapidly spreading not Omicron variant

More than viruses, Masonies and satanist Jews who dehumanise are dangerous.

“The influenza (influenza) is usually a highly contagious respiratory disease that is common from October to March in a year. The flu is a disease affecting the significant number of people in the society in every countries of the northern hemisphere in the months.

As in many countries of the world, Turkey is “officially” under the influence of the Cobweb Cult and in the administration is consisting of secret Masons, secret Jews, secret Armenians, secret Satanists are found in Turkey where the flu cases are diagnosed with omicron. This fraud over the world is organizedly done by dozens of government at the same time.

The Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who works for the same black money system and is in the center of organ trafficking, explains case numbers which have no medical and scientific basis, non-reliable. The state system, in particular the health system in which are consisting of secret Jews, the secret Armenians, secret Satanists and Masons those who also aid and abet for the plan which is applied by the instructions from the top. They put diagnostics as it is ordered, make statements. The traitors who are plenty in media and press set fire in accordance with the instructions. They show there’s smoke without fire. They are experienced they have organizedly done it before.

After this, the cases that have a high number of people enter on foot of their funerals taken out will be often experienced. Social media shares will be spoken to the perplexity of their relatives. Meanwhile many organs will be stolen as much as possible. Once again the liquids which cause the human brain and the man of human genetics, partially restrict the man’s brain and the mind if need be cause mass deaths with a signal are to be imposed.

On the one hand, so much money will be hit by selling as many so-called vaccines in doing so. Again it is to be imposed restrictions and will smuggle drugs, organs with official vehicles at night and at the weekends. Any smuggling jobs that can be possible will also be executed with the tools of the official authorities again. And more kinds of humanity enemy will be displayed. The basic column of all this organization will still be Mason Sect.

The same bloody and black game in Turkey are wanted to be displayed again with the hands of administrators who betray the Turkish nation. There is nothing left to take the presidential authority, TBMM, the justice system to into account, press and media, safety, goods / money safety, pudicity safety.

Black money of them is cut a lot, their dominations on the earth is about to come to an end completely and it should not be seen odd that crazy things they try. This craziness of them, as long as we are careful and it benefits us and humanity perhaps they still dare to continue betrayal and malice which hit a nerve of the nation. However, it’s impossible to escape in full staff. Even if there are a few of them, they do not have the possibility of getting back and are tried to be hanged. There is no possibility to be applied to their fortunes. After the concrete facts and evidence to be revealed, any countries of the world have no luxury of protecting these lows.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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