What’s happened?

Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay was expressing these facts so clear from the beginning, then what happened to her? Why she is silent? Was she threatened? Was she silenced? Is mind control applied? Why does she appear in television channels? What happened and has been happening.

It is understood that the real scientists who are the most clearly expressing corona lies all over the world are in trouble and something has been happening to them. It is known that the state heads in African continent are killed after revealing the explanations of the corona lies.

In all over the world the flu cases were being experienced more than the cases of the corona, still experiencing. Some of these are experiencing in very heavy cases and have caused the deaths since before. In recent years, in the states under the control of the Cobweb Cult, it is clear that these cases are always diagnosed with corona, as well as the PCR tests are not reliable.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Youtube, Twitter etc. , whose real owner CIA, with the attitudes of ignoring law and science, with attitudes that sees themselves above the authorities and justice systems of the states and extremely ill-intented behaviors, it is clearly obvious that they have expurgated, hindered, closed everybody who has expressed the facts of the corona even if they are the most respected professors and broadcasting organs. It is clearly in the glare of publicity of a world of the grave evidences and lots of grave crimes’ links.

It is clearly in front of the eyes that it was meant to all humanity … In the glare of publicity, the wild system, the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult that has been tuning enough to task the humanity disaster to disaster, has disfunctioned of justice systems in tens of countries of the world.Then in these days it is asked to increase these virus games simultaneously in tens of countries, people are meant to their bodies, their son, their money in which in all these countries, destroying all officials of political, judicial, military who work for the Ankebut Cult and rebelling of all these nations have become inevitable.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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