The truth of the mermaid

It would take hours to explain, but if we are going to explain it briefly, it can be described as follows;

In our world, drawings and sculptures of creatures that are half human and half fish have been made for thousands of years. Such descriptions and legends can be found even in Africa’s extremely aboriginal/primitive tribes. When talking about the star system of Shi’ra, or Sirius, the word always refers to creatures called fish-humans and strange things that look half-human and half-fish.

There are two reasons for this.

1- Just as innumerable animals in our world have different features in their bodies, there are also alien human species with various features resembling them. There are at least trillions of human species in space, and their physical forms are primarily different. Few human species look alike. Some alien human species have wings and can quickly fly through the air. Others have very thick, reptilian-like scaly skin. While some have arms and heads, they have no feet and crawl on their bellies. Looking at some of them from behind, they have backs like ladybugs in our world. Others, on the other hand, walk with their hands on the ground beside their feet. If you see one of them from afar in a very dark place, you can compare it to a four-legged animal. Some have skins, internal organs, and gill systems suitable for living in the sea or lake. I wrote earlier that the species that live under and around Issyk lake is one of these species, and they can stay underwater for a long time without any difficulty. There have always been people of the world who saw alien people with fish skin, scales like fish, no feet, but intelligent, strong will, using technology. As a result, their existence has always been the subject of discussion, and drawings have been made from place to place.

2- While some alien-human species, who live secretly in our world and whose physical features are very similar to us and have a very high level of science and technology, have been making bionic robots for thousands of years, with the exact characteristics of many animals they see like our world. They also built bionic robots that sometimes combined the attributes of several animals in our world. They also made bionic robots that look like half-human, half-fish. From time to time, these were also seen by the world’s people and were called “mermaids.”

I’ve talked about it briefly with a few repetitions before. Even the legend of the werewolf did not appear anywhere and did not spread. For thousands of years, some peoples of the world have indeed seen what might be called werewolves. And these are nothing but bionic robots.

Some tribes/communities that are far from Islamic sciences and do not have masters/teachers to know and teach the truth, and as the endless interventions and directions of Iblis and jinn come upon them, aliens with different physical shapes and using high technology, and also the bionic robots they make are gods. Like they see.

This is the whole story, nothing more… Can even the famous Hudhud (hoopoe) bird of Sulaiman (alaihis-salâm) and the Ababil birds protecting the Kaaba from the armies of Ebrehe become bionic robots?

After what I have told you, you can look at Medusa in Greek mythology with this eye.

You will have to accept that that thing, depicted as a sharp-toothed female monster with snake-like hair and a body that turns anyone who looks into its eyes to stone, is also a bionic robot. It is said that Perseus, who is said to have killed Medusa, used a mirror; in this way, he was able to slay Medusa without looking into his eyes. These were all the advanced features of bionic robots of alien species at a much more advanced level of science and technology than us.

A similar Medusa in Greek mythology was occasionally seen in Anatolia and was called Shahmeran. Shahmeran(Basilisk) is not a legend, not a myth. Since people have always seen such strange things, they have been told by word of mouth.

The truth of the centaurs

Centaurs (Centaurs) in Greek mythology, as half-human and half-horse, were also bionic robots. They were made of excellent quality, using very advanced science and technology. A person with insufficient knowledge and technique would not be able to understand that they are robots, even if he spent years among them. The Centaurs ate, drank, sweated, defecated, slept, and spoke rationally, thanks to their artificial intelligence. They were three and a half to four meters tall. From time to time, winged ones were also produced. Centaurs also possessed abilities that were not found in humans or horses. They even had laser guns. They could vibrate the places they stepped on by emitting frequencies the human eye could not see. Alien humans could also enter it; although they were not strange humans, they could work in the field without any problems. Even if people touched them, they wouldn’t know they were robots.

Greens and grays have played many games worldwide for thousands of years. They did this by pacing with that Iblis. Their greatest goal was to turn the whole world away from Islam, morality, honor, healthy living, and happy and safe living. It was the top priority for the people of this world to be dragged into material and spiritual disasters. By developing such kinds of robots, giving them technological abilities that seemed extraordinary at the time, they manipulated people’s spiritual worlds and, in this way, everything else. Most bionic robots, produced in such shapes and portrayed as gods, also had devices that could control people’s minds. They would emit signals and turn people from state to state.

If the people of that time were now removed from their graves, let into life, if they could see and understand the technology of our world, without anyone needing to say anything, they would say, “Alas. They say it’s all a technological trick.

Now, just because these are being told, someone is declaring a mobilization and making metaphysical attacks collectively, nothing happens to me; I want to explain more.

They did not even explain the solar system to the world of humanity in its natural form.

There are other planets in our solar system that have life on them. All of them are dwarf planets, and there are more than seventy in number. Few of them are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Most of them are located in the Kuiper belt, the outermost ring of our solar system.

Some of them have had life for a long time. Some of them later came from other planets. Some are used as military bases. A few of them had a life before, but not now. Yet they are used.

The dwarf planets in question have different structures, atmospheres, vegetation, and human and animal species. Some have hands, arms, and heads, but there are also intelligent, willful people who do not have feet, have tails like fish tails instead of feet, and live mostly by spending time in the water. The vegetation of the dwarf planets is also different. Some have green foliage, some yellow, some brown, and some blue. God’s power is infinite. Let me repeat. Just as the animals in our world have different colors, limbs, internal and external body features, and trillions of human species in space, they all similarly differ. There are even human species that have wings as beautiful as butterflies and that fly with blue lights.

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