Ark of the Covenant

Let’s get together, metaphysical conflicts are unple(AS)ant, it’s a waste of time since the night… Let me tell you the shocking facts about the Coffin-i Sekine, also called the Ark of the Covenant a little later. May our time be valued…

Even if 18 thousand realms allied, they could not find him.

Hazrat Mahdi (AS) will find him and take him…

The coffin, the Coffin-i Sekine, the Sacred Relics, the Ark of the Covenant, the Ark of Shahada, known since the time of Hazrat Musa(Moses) (AS), and the subject of the verses of the Qur’an, are not actually chests or coffins in the sense we know.

I have been telling for years, in the past, there was much more advanced science and technology than today. And some of the true prophets in the past had such high science and technology. Such was the time of Musa (AS). On the one hand, due to being a prophet, he also showed miracles that could never be explained scientifically, but on the other hand, he also used the very extreme science and technology of the period. This thing called “Coffin” in the Qur’an in Surah Al-Baqara is a combination of both the miracles of the prophets and their relics/left as well as some things manufactured with high science and technology.

While the coffin in question was being manufactured, science and technology in our world were more advanced than on any other planet in space. Although there was no transfer of technology from other planets in space, the science and technology that developed with its own normal flow in our world was so advanced that it was at a level close to the last limit that could be reached in science and technology, and this coffin was manufactured in such a period.

This state-of-the-art coffin, which can take its energy permanently/uninterruptedly by taking advantage of the magnetic field created as the earth’s core rotates, also has very advanced artificial intelligence.

This coffin also includes an invisibility shield. This is a vehicle/coffin that has a much more advanced propulsion power than that of vehicles called UFOs or flying saucers today, has no engines, wings, feet, wheels, makes no sound, and can travel without any difficulty in the air, water or underground…

It has such an advanced artificial intelligence technology that the artificial intelligence of those perfect bionic robots used to replace the people of today’s world is very, very weak compared to its artificial intelligence.

Seeing the coffin in danger, the artificial intelligence in question can analyze the situation perfectly, decide exactly what to do, and never make any mistakes when implementing its decisions. In this coffin, there are also defense systems used by this artificial intelligence.

It is not possible to find this coffin with the science and technology in the hands of Gog and Magog, that is, greens and grays. Because the coffin is not caught by the search and scanning devices in their hands. It can also protect itself from the signals of very advanced instruments. They also have an invisibility feature against them. The invisibility feature also exists for the human eye. It may pass through hundreds and thousands of people and in front of sophisticated camer as in the streets and avenues, but it is never noticed. Thanks to its invisibility feature, it is not visible anyway, but even if it is caught by surprise, it is not a problem even if it is found. Because it cannot be opened. Only predefined people can open artificial intelligence. If someone who is not one of these people seizes the coffin and tries to open it, the coffin emits signals and strikes these people, but does not kill them. If the person or persons continue their struggle to open the coffin, this time it hits them hard. Energy entering their eyes even burns their brains and kills them where they are.

The coffin works with mind control. However, who will receive instructions from their minds is pre-coded and defined. It does not accept instructions from the minds of non-coded people.

I have been telling for years that the sinkholes, which are mostly seen around Konya in Turkey and also in other parts of the world, were opened by mining vehicles manufactured with very advanced science and technology, and that alien-human species stole various minerals, including boron, in our world.

The technology used by these vehicles, which burns the atoms of the soil by playing and thus digging the ground without the need for excavation, is much more advanced in this coffin. Thus, this coffin can change its location without leaving the ground. It can travel in oceans and seas. If it gets close to those greens and grays flying saucers, it can spoil them too. In other words, even vehicles made with advanced technology tens of thousands of years from the current science and technology in our world remain vulnerable next to it. Where was it that they could hurt him? It is such a perfect vehicle that if this coffin descends into the deepest parts of the ocean, it will not be damaged by the pressure.

Here are the instructions are given for the last time to this coffin, which cannot be found and opened with the technology of greens and grays or any planet in space at the moment. The artificial intelligence of the coffin has been coded in such a way that it can know what the End Times is, how it is, and who the Mahdi is at that time, surrender to him and open it. There are miraculous aspects and depths in this part, but there is also such an artificial intelligence coding part.

It is said that the rulers of the Israelites left this coffin to each other. This information is also not correct. Very little of what is told about this coffin in the religious sources of Christians and Jews is true. This coffin wasvleft from prophet to prophet, not from ruler to ruler.

There came a time when this coffin was given to a non-prophet, but the Jews did not accept it. In order to understand this part, we need to read this coffin in Surat al-Baqara and also with Hazrat Talut and Hz.Davud/David (AS). Let’s read the translations of the verses that are also mentioned about:

Verse 247: Their prophet said to them: “Allah has sent Talut to be your ruler.” he said. They said: “How did it come to him to rule over us? However, we are more worthy of kingship than he, and he has not been given an abundance of wealth. they said. Their prophet said, “Allah has chosen him over you and has given him strength and expansion in knowledge and body.” said. And Allah gives his property to whomever he wills. Allah’s mercy is wide, He knows everything.

Verse 248: Their prophet also told them: For you to know, the sign of his (Talut’s) reign will be that the coffin will come to you, in which there will be a rest (calmness, peace of mind) from your Lord, and a remnant of what the families of Mus’a and Aaron left behind. . Angels will bring it. There is a definite sign for you in that if you are of those who have believed.

Verse 249: When Talut set out with the army, he said: “Allah will definitely test you with a river. Whoever drinks from it is not from me. Whoever does not taste it, then it is from me. However, he takes a handful with his hand (there is a license for this much).” Then they all drank from it (AS) soon as they arrived, except for a few of them. When Talut and the believers with him crossed the river. “We do not have the strength to stand up to Goliath and his army today,” they said. Those who believed and knew that they would meet Allah gave the following answer: “How many small communities have defeated many many, by Allah’s leave. Allah is with the patient ones.”

Verse 250: When they went out to the battlefield against Goliath and his army, they said: “Our Lord! Pour patience on us, keep our feet firm, and help us against the disbelievers!”

Verse 251: Then, by Allah’s leave, they corrupted them completely. Davud killed Goliath, and Allah gave him (Hz. Davud) sovereignty and wisdom (prophethood) and taught him what he wanted (from the knowledge peculiar to the prophets). Had it not been for Allah’s repelling (fighting, destroying) people with each other, the earth would certainly have been corrupted (filled with human demons). But Allah is the owner of great bounty towards all realms.

The Jews of the time, one of the true prophets, said to Yusha(Joshua)’alaihis-salam’, “May Allah choose someone who will rule over us, and we will follow him. Let’s be in good shape (AS) before, let’s rule everywhere.” they said. Yusha (AS) said to them, “Allah has chosen Talut (AS) your ruler, follow him.” But the Israelites (Jews) did not want this. They were racist since most of the prophets of Islam came from among the people of Israel, they saw themselves (AS) a superior race. They chose not to be subordinate to a non-Jew, nor to a wealthy person. Because… Talut, who was very advanced in science and body, had tremendous scientific depth, military genius, and superiority in many fields, was a Turk… Talut, who was also very majestic in appearance and extremely handsome, was the very person we know (AS) Dhul-Qarnayn.

Don’t get tired.

Even in your most advanced archives with the most advanced supercomputers, you will not find this information. These have never been shared in any book, article, website, social media account, television program or anywhere before. These are the shocking facts that you can only find in Akademi Magazine… You are in shock right now. I understand your situation, it is not easy. The foundations of what you believe (AS) religion and cause have been destroyed, it is not easy at all. Once again, you realized that Iblis is a very liar, a very seditious person, a very deceiving person… You get over the shocks a little bit. I’ll come over for a cup of tea. We will continue. As I said, the metaphysical field has no taste anyway.

Let’s continue…

While Hz. Musa and Harun’s realm (AS) had not changed yet, while their worldly life continued bodily, that is, they did not experience what is called death, Allah SWT promised the Children of Israel the land of existence. He ordered them to cleanse Palestine and its surroundings from the oppressors and to fight in the way of Allah. Musa (AS) He reported this command to the Israelites. Musa (AS) Yusha (AS), who was a relative of the Prophet, was at a young age and wasnot given the duty of prophethood. was among the Israelites. Among them, Joshua (AS) A group, including the owner, was sent to examine and observe the area. The Israelites could not believe what they saw when they went to Palestine and its surroundings. They saw people who were two or even two and a half times the height of an average person and were relatively broad/molded. Fear fell in their hearts, and they hurried back, very timid. He said to the Israelites, “Don’t go there, let’s not go. We will disappear. We will be captured.” They said such words and said that those people were like giants and very strong. Among them, Yusha (AS) Only a few of them, including the Prophet, did not fall into this state, and Yusha (AS) advised the Israelites:

“O Children of Israel! Immediately enter the gate of the city of the tyrants (do not be afraid of the size of their bodies. We went and saw them and learned about them. Their bodies are big and strong, but their hearts are weak. They do not have the spiritual strength to fight you). Once you enter through the door (with the help promised by Allah SWT coming to you), you will certainly be one of the victorious. If you are people who truly believe and confirm the promise of Allah SWT, do not be deceived by looking at the size and size of your enemies. Do not be deceived by the size and size of your enemies. In your state of mind) put your trust in Allahu SWT. (Rely on Him. Trust in Him alone and do not hold back from jihad.)” (Surah Maida: 23)

The Israelites did not listen to this advice. Musa (AS) They did not listen to his advice and orders. Yusha (AS), who was among them and acted fearlessly and sincerely. and they stoned a few more people. They also wanted to kill.

Do not look at the fact that most of the prophets have been sent to Israel throughout the history of the world. Throughout the history of the world, the people who disobeyed the prophets the most inflicted the most persecution and torture on them, and killed the most prophets were the people of Israel.

Those giants they saw were not actually people of this world. In fact, they weren’t even human. They were bionic robots made by alien species on Earth with advanced technology and in the form of Earth humans.

When the Israelites were so cowardly and disobedient, and on top of that they went this far against Allah’s prophets and saints, Allah punished them. It was forbidden for them to enter Ard-ı Maw’ud. Allah knows best, but they lived in exile in the Tih field for about forty years. They were in a very confused, very bad, and pathetic state. They tried to survive in very difficult conditions, but as time passed, they always died in miserable conditions. A generation has gone and another generation/period has emerged where their children are adults. During this time, Harun and Musa (alaihim-es-salam) changed their world and died. And after them, the duty of prophethood was given to Yusha bin Nun ‘alaihim-es-salam.

Yusha (AS) conquered the places called Arz-i Maw’ud (the Promised Lands) one after another. Arz-ı Mev’ud, Yuşa (AS) happened on time. Joshua (AS) He also often performed miracles during this time. He killed the cruel and infidel rulers and divided those lands among the Israelites.Hz. Musa ‘alaihis-salâm’ read the true Torah and judged with its provisions. (Not the current distorted/corrupted Torah, but the undistorted Torah of truth…)

WhileJoshua (AS) was conquering so many places, he had the coffin with him and he also benefited from it.

The Jews of the time despised the places called ‘arz-i  Maw’ud'(the promised lands)  wanted to conquer vast places in the world, just like their glorious state in history. They demanded conditions such (AS) the reign of the pharaohs.

However, the political situation of the world was not very suitable for this. On Earth, at that time, (AS) in our time, the administrators of many states were replaced by bionic robots and alien species, and these countries and nations were ruled by alien-human species. The Israelites, who did not know these facts, (AS) explained above, said to Yusha (AS): “May Allah choose someone who will rule over us, and we will follow him. Let us be in good, better, more glorious states (AS) before, let us rule all over the world.” they said. Yusha(Joshua) (AS) said to them, “Allah has chosen Talut (AS) your ruler, follow him.”

Since Talut was the person we know as Oğuz Kağan(Khan) or Dhu’l Qarnayn (AS) , they did not follow him, and they mostly did not accept his reign.

This is how the era of Talut or Oguz Kağan, Dhu’l Qarnayn (AS), will be the savior of all Muslims and the oppressed in the world, including the Israelites who remained in the direction, remained in Islam and remained in obedience, began.

Talut/Dhul-Qarnayn defeated Goliath’s army. Goliath and many of his army were also bionic robots known (AS) giant humans. Hazrat Davud (AS), who was in the army led by Talut and had not yet been given the mission of prophethood, dealt the final blow to Goliath. His death was at his hands.

Mecmau’l-Bahrain (Where two seas meet)

I’ve been writing for years, you know. The Bosphorus is an artificial strait. So is the Strait of Cabel-i Tariq(Gibraltar strait)… These two straits were also named after Dhu’l Qarnayn (AS) opened. It has been written and explained in our Islamic sources for a very long time. He was the person who helped Hazrat Dhu’l Qarnayn to open the Bosphorus. Hz. Yusha’s tomb was discovered by the miracles of saints in the recent past and is located on Anadolu Kavağı Hill, one of the dominant hills of Istanbul. He is not 17 meters tall (AS) claimed. It is of average height. And Hz Yusha (AS) still continues to serve with his spirituality (AS) the ruler and protector of the Bosphorus until the morning of judgment. While the Bosphorus was opened with very high technology, one of the people who gave the greatest support to Dhul-Qarnayn was Khidr ‘alaihis-salâm’. The place called “the place where two seas meet” and where Hz. Musa (AS) and Hz Hızır (AS) met is today’s Istanbul, the Bosphorus. The third person who was there until a part of that meeting was Yusha (AS).

History is full of repeats…

About seven thousand years ago, that blessed person is known as Oğuz Kağan, Talut, Dhu’l Qarnayn , and other names were also the ruler of Istanbul. He combined the two seas with artificial techniques. He was the ruler of the whole world. Next to him was a clean and noble nation, the Turks, who were loyal to him and fought fearlessly in the way of Allah. Most of all, with the support of the Turkish people, By establishing world domination, Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn (AS) filled the world with faith, peace, happiness, justice, and whatever is in favor of good.

You know from what I said before. Until now, four people in the world have been able to become the rulers of the states that dominate the whole world. A fifth person will also establish world domination. This person will be Hazrat Mahdi (AS). However, this person will be Jahjah, also called Hazrat Mahdi (AS), the son/student of the real Hazrat Mahdi (AS).

Just (AS) throughout history, the coffin wasin the hands of only those who were meant to be, so in the End Times it will be in the hands of Hazrat Mahdi (AS), that is, Jahcah. While establishing world domination, Jahjah will benefit greatly from the coffin, the sacred relics, and valuable notes/information in it.

No way, somehow his coffin was found in another flat and somehow it was able to be opened… Even then, they won’t be able to decipher the notes inside the coffin. Because the prophets and even if they are not prophets, like Dhul Qarnayn (AS), Uzeyir (AS) like Loqman (AS) like, Khidr (AS) Those who are at a very, very high spiritual level and at a high level of knowledge/wisdom can understand. Also, Jahjah, who will appear in the End Times and become the second Dhul-Qarnayn, will be able to understand. Sacred relics such as the seal of Sulaiman (AS) and the staff of Musa in the coffin also have miraculous properties. They do not fall into the wrong hands, and even if they do, their miraculous state cannot be seen in the wrong hands.

Jahjah, like the first Dhu’l Qarnayn (AS), will make the humanity of the world a single society. There will be no racism, no injustice, no oppression, no massacres. After a while, there will not even be disesaes. Even animals that attack humans will have their genetic codes restored to their normal/restored state, and even this aggression will not happen. Gog and Magog will attack our world for the second time in the time of Jahjah, and thanks to Jahjah, the second Dhul-Qarnayn, world humanity will be able to defeat these two alien tribes. The descent of Hazrat Isa(Jesus) to the earth will also take place in the time of Jahcah. He will be a spiritual/spiritual leader whom Isa Jahjah constantly consults. He will not serve (AS) a prophet again. He will not be a ruler, nor will he be a political leader. He will not be subject to Imam-Azam. He will establish a new religious sect, like Ahle (AS)-sunnah. He will act according to his own ijtihad and those who wish will see him (AS) the imam of the madhhab and will follow him. Such truths will come to light that all people who hear and see will have to be Muslims. It will no longer be possible to take a contrary stance. In those moments, Hz. Isa (AS) will make jurisprudence and say, “Faith or death.” He will not allow those who are so stubbornly unbelievers to live on earth and to drag the world into material and spiritual dangers. In Jahjah, he will carry out this command of Hazrat Isa (AS). However, until that day comes and those conditions are met, it will not interfere with the freedoms of religion/conscience and worship of nations and communities in the world.

So, I wrote them in an impromptu manner… It was a bit disorganized, but it was clear enough. When I find time and when I think of it, I will also share small additions on this subject.

The way to solve the protective shield that was surrounded the world and is called the Van Allen belt today, and how to get through there without being damaged, is in the holy ark(tabut-u sekine).

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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