The truth of the mount Qaf

I’m surprised. I have guided you so much, opened up your horizons, and allowed you to get the distance you can go in a lifetime in a few hours, but you still get stuck. Destroy the ridiculous understanding/acceptance of science that is imposed on you. You are born and raised in a big game and you are brought up in the mindset that game creators want.

The thing called Mount Qaf is not a real mountain, the shield around the world (also called Van Allen) is called Mount Qaf. Beyond the Mount Qaf, the places outside the protection shield, the inside of the Mount Qaf, the world, and its immediate surroundings… Since ancient times, Mount Qaf has always been described as a barrier, an obstacle, and an inaccessible and inaccessible border/set at the back. Although there are some differences in details in this regard in societies with different cultures and beliefs, the main thing that is meant in all of them is the protective shield around our world. So the Mount Qaf…

Almost none of the alien species lurking in our world can pass that shield. There are very few of them that can pass through alien species outside of our world. That shield was placed between our world and other worlds like an impenetrable mountain and was asked to be an obstacle. In this way, our world is not subject to attacks from space. In this way, in recent years, dozens of different alien species have come around our world and cannot go beyond making metaphysical attacks. Why should they come with thousands of UFOs and be limited to just metaphysical conflict? Because they can’t get past the shield.

Take a look at this statement, how it reveals that the survival of the shield is related to the earth’s core and the natural magnetic field formed by the rotation of the core:

“… there are legendary accounts of the mountain’s location, size, and structure. One of these narrations belongs to Muhyiddin-i Arabi. He says:
‘The Qaf is a mountain of green zeberced that encircles the earth, and the circumference of the sky is above it; its roots reach the rock on which the earth stands, and this mountain is the source of the earthquake.”

He is the crown jewel

Even though Muhyiddin-i Arabi made grave mistakes in his early days, he immediately noticed them, corrected them, and by expressing clearly that they were wrong, he corrected everyone who followed his mistakes, remained on the path of Allah SWT throughout his next life and attained great spiritual levels. He is a scholar of Ahle as-Sunnah, whose discovery is clear, person of miraculous deeds(ahle keramah), and saint. It is clear that he knew, understood, and explained many things that current scientists still do not know at our time.

Ahle as-Sunnah Muslims must not defame such a person, nor must they erase him. The defense and ownership of such a person by some Jews or members of heresy groups that have broken away from Islam must not lead us astray. Muhyiddin-i Arabi is ours, he is the crown jewel and will always remain so.

I repeat. Increase your metaphysical protections before you start researching. Most of you are being mind-controlled. Your memory is being played. Your understanding is shutting down. You are overwhelmed, you are constricted. This is mostly done using jinn, but mind control is also done with high-tech devices in the hands of both earthly satanist people and alien satanist people. For this purpose, even collective signals are sent in space.

First, protect your brain, your mind, against any technique used in mind control. The system that currently dominates the world is actually neither the green nor the gray system… It is the system of Iblis. Iblis does not want these truths to be learned and for people from earth or aliens to be happy and contented. He doesn’t want her to know the truth. He determined a narrow pattern, and he determined this mostly through the fabricated theory of evolution, and he wants generations to linger like this.

No worries

No matter what happens, I will continue my duty, my service. Even if there are times when you do not hear from me for a while, you will continue to stand upright and fight. You will not be disintegrated, swept away, shaken.

No matter what kind of big events happen in Turkey and anywhere in the world, these will never change your stance. It will not bring you down, it will not break your hope. Something that looks evil can be no, no, what appears to be evil can be evil. You have already understood in general terms what will happen, what will happen, what you need to do. You must also complete the measures on your side as soon as possible.
I am in extraordinary measures. I repeat I will continue my duty no matter what.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi


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