Neptune is not a gas planet

There is no such thing as a gas planet anyway. In a place where there is no solid part, only gas does not stay together. If you look at NASA, Neptune only has a solid core and the rest is all gas. This information is one of NASA’s fabrications of greens and grays. They also know that this is not the case, and they hide it from the humanity of the world.

The thing in this image, which is said to have been taken by NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989, is not Neptune. Neptune’s shield. It consists of gas, dust, and energy. Just like the shields on Saturn and Jupiter…

The real Neptune inside the shield is very similar to our earth. There are great oceans and great lands/continents that look blue from the outside. On Neptune, which is more advanced than us in science and technology, the vegetation is in light blue tones… Other human species on Neptune came from other worlds and settled in Neptune long ago, but real/native Neptune people are shorter than us and their skin is in tawny tones of gray and light blue. …

They have a thin face, thin chin, big eyes, their skulls look like they are protruding from behind, they have no hair, they have three fingers, and they look weaker, weaker, weaker than us. Their necks are thin, and their shoulders are not wide.

Real Uranus

What is seen in this image, which was allegedly taken by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1986, is not Uranus. If you ask NASA and other space agencies, which are controlled by greens and grays, Uranus is 15 times larger than our earth in mass and 63 times in volume.

They also know that this information is not true. They do not want to tell the truth to the humanity of the world. Uranus also has a shield of gas, dust, and energy. There are also rings made for protection purposes. If you measure from these parts, you will see Uranus as a planet much larger than earth. But between this shield and the real planet Uranus inside, there’s a huge space gap. The real Uranus in the shield is not as big as our world as it is thought. A planet that is slightly larger than our earth.

Uranus also has oceans, seas, and lands/continents on earth. The vegetation on Uranus is green. Science and technology are much more advanced on Uranus than in our world. Uranians are aggressive, warlike people.

Uranus people have light brown to gray tawny skin tones. They are a little taller and stronger than the Neptunians, but slightly shorter and frail than we earthlings.

Their eyes are slightly larger and slightly slanted compared to ours, their faces and chins are thin, their head/body ratio is different compared to ours, and their heads are large, balding, and beardless. Slim long sleeves, big hands, four-fingered. These are people whose facial expressions are always tense/irritable like the Chinese in our world.

There is also a protective shield around our world.

Not every alien species can pass through this shield. Few pass. Those who can pass are often unable to pass easily and in crowds. Breaking through this shield is a difficult, dangerous, costly, and high-tech job.

The world humanity has already discovered this shield, but the Jew, satanist, mason-based Ankebut Cult, which is the enemy of all humanity, and the grays and greens infiltrating them, have hidden the truth of what has been discovered from world humanity.

Yes… The so-called Van Allen radiation belt is nothing more than an artificial shield to protect our world. The claim that the Van Allen belt is a shield that was created to stop harmful rays coming from our sun and other stars and how it came into existence is one of the tales told to the world humanity with ulterior motives as science… This thing is a shield of protection. An excellent shield. It is also very difficult, costly, and dangerous to pass from inside to outside.

With such tales, they kept the whole world humanity, including some employees of NASA and some employees of many other space agencies in the world.

They either killed the honest people of the world, who tried to solve the truth about this issue or the truth of the things told to the world in such fairy tales, or who were about to solve it, either by making their bionic robot and replacing them, or they took control of their minds. They have partially erased their memories or implanted chips in their bodies. They still do these things to such honest people of the world.

Then, as Iblis wants, they talk about so-called science/technique with a deception of evolution, a satanic background, and completely fabricated.

How strange

How many times in how many planets have I been in the news with my photo for how many years, but on my planet I am exaggeratedly censored.

In this world, I have been the subject of written news several times, even most of them, the green Google does not list / show them.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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