One night, our world may be stolen, or Poseidon may ravage an area.

It can also be stolen with everything in it.
Suppose two spaceships, manufactured with the necessary technical features, even though they are very small in size to our world, stand in space. In that case, one of them coinciding with the south pole of the world, and the other one coinciding with the north pole, in our close vicinity…

If these two spaceships coordinate with each other to form a magnetic field loop and a radiation/radiation balance…

The Earth continues to rotate around itself, staying between these two spaceships, like a rotor placed between two coil windings. Meanwhile, nothing is disturbed in the natural balance of the world. No living species, especially humans, are harmed. In addition, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, magma eruptions, storms, and excessive precipitation do not occur. Gravity doesn’t break either.

With this technique, these two spaceships can take our world by rotating around them and leaving it in a different place in space. They can pull us out of orbit and hurl us into outer space. They can also drop us into orbit around another sun without letting us do any harm.

They can do this to any planet, but not every planet can adapt to every sun. First, it is necessary to work on the harmony of the sun and the planet.

I wrote it years ago. Our solar system was put together by artificial techniques. Our planet was also brought here by artificial techniques and later, from another place.

The types of attacks that can come from outer space may be far beyond what we are shown in science fiction movies. We can be taken away one night and left in another star system or the darkness of space.


Alien enemy elements, who cannot afford this much, can also make energy attacks by bringing spaceships manufactured with the necessary technical features very close to our world. Such attacks may affect the target city, country, or a few countries, not the whole world. The attacking spaceship may suddenly emit a very strong electromagnetic field while in orbit, this artificial magnetic field can interact with the natural magnetic field of our world and almost move the ground in the target area. The ground swells and there may even be earthquakes stronger than ten. Huge inland seas may rise and giant tsunamis may occur, as in the ocean. All electrical and electronic systems and devices can be damaged by the intensity of the artificial magnetic field. Cars with electronic brains, televisions, mobile phones, computers, digital clocks, and all kinds of tools and devices with electronic circuits can break down. Power plants, oil refineries, oil, and petroleum products depots can explode. In the wake of this horror, huge fires can break out everywhere in the city or a few cities. The crimson apocalypse could happen. In the case of low-level and controlled energy attacks special UFOs manufactured for such electromagnetic attacks, even a tsunami may be caused in an earthquake-free sea.

The thing in Greek mythology, called Poseidon, the god of the seas and earthquakes, was exactly such a spaceship. The aliens would be brought to our world from time to time by enemy elements, causing very severe earthquakes and tsunamis in the target cities. Alien people on earth with bionic robots wanted to convince the people of the world that they were gods on the one hand and that this thing was god on the other. Aliens made the great Istanbul earthquake of 1509 using the spacecraft called Poseidon. That earthquake was also artificial.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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