Free to die

You are wasting your time in vain by organizing meetings. This is just noise and nothing else. Unless you destroy the whole world which you don’t have that power, you cannot stop us.

The number of people who have died while they were trying to kill me is over one million. With very few exceptions, almost all of them were metaphysicists. Such as magicians, mediums, ritualists, satanists…
Those who were not metaphysicists among them were state leaders, spiritual leaders, the members of the secret intelligences, some high ranking officers, mafia bosses and the shooters.

The largest number of deaths has occurred in China including the metaphysicists. And the second country is India where magic is very common. India has stopped itself when the disease called black fungal disease which was actually metaphysical signal exposure spreaded. Russia is the third one after India. The Russians who are known as very good at metaphysics have failed badly. The fourth place is Europe. Even Africa where magic is very common is in the fifth place in the death rankings…

Except those, there are people who I killed with my crew not because of they tried to kill me but because of they were doing satanic deeds. There are metaphysicists among them but the rate is very different. The most of them are demonized and very harmful people. The pedophiles, rapists, torturers, massacrists, satanists, those who kill people in the rituals, human traffickers, organ traffickers, the satanic people who formed the basis of the Ankebut Cult, people with official ID who aid and abet on using the states’ power against humanity, satanic masons, those who deliberately serve to the unhumane projects of the alien species and especially to the organ and vaccination traps, some state leaders, some spiritual leaders, the members of the secret intelligences, mafia bosses, those who are in black money businesses operating in an evil way, those who use the power of the press and the media in an evil way, those who try everything to spread mischief with pleasure and the like…

Since the Ankebut operation began, the number of the dead in this group of people is nearly four millions… They diagnosed most of the people who have died in these two groups with corona and burried them. They burried some of them and burned some of them and spread their ashes.

Except them, total number of the deads of the aliens (including the bionic robots and real alien humans) nearly one billion… In fact, it can be over one billion. It is not possible for us to know for certain the number of the bionic robots and the real alien humans. Although small in number, there are different species from the different galaxies among the deads in the group.

Everyone prefered this with their own free will. Despite all my warnings, they wanted to die insistently and they died. There are those who have died from the humans and the aliens even in these moments when I am writing this article. The deaths still continue. We continue to provide free service for those who want to die with metaphysical techniques with a huge crew of metaphysicists.

We have also enterprise packages. Our packages include a destruction of the army or the secret intelligence of any world states or a government/cabinet through metaphysics. You should only choose one of them.

There is also the jinns’ front that I haven’t written about. There are different and countless broken vehicles and devices all over the world and in the secret underground bases.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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