While the world is spinning so fast, we should not waste time

The previous Putin liked my project about to connecting Khazar and the Black Sea and he made a lot of moves about this subject. They started negotiating with the neighboring countries on this subject and he announced the project as the “Eurasian canal”. I have written, published some parts of what has happened on the subject on the Akademi Dergisi telegram channel. In fact, only a few hours later I wrote one of these articles, Nazarbayev forced to resign unexpectedly.

The circles who are not my followers and who don’t know what I allowed to happen couldn’t logically interpret why Nazarbayev suddenly resigned. Even today, there is still no one who can explain the resignment of him.

All this aside, it is obvious that they cannot move forward with the new Putin, Russia is not the same Russia as it used to be and time is against them on this canal project.

Therefore, they can cancel the route that I drew for the canal that will connect the two seas each other and prefer this route that I drew. New balances and alliances can be established. And this canal project can earn Turkiye and its allies billions of dollars.

Turkiye can unite the different power elements all around the world with this project. It can build this canal by an exclusive deal without allocating resources. The Azerbaijan party won’t interfere with this project and will earn a lot of money through this project.

As we try to establish a new Turkish corridor, to take our place among the countries who establish the new world order and ruin the exploitation plans of China and Russia on the Turkic world, we can gain military, political and financial superiority with this canal project.

If Turkiye will have the necessary stance, Russia, China or others cannot stop this project. Even if Russia whose I cut the black money flow, who I humiliated its administrative staff to the world, who I deepened their political and financial crises and who I intimitated want to build a similar canal along the lands of the states they have invaded (Caucasus), they won’t be able to find the necessary financial and political power, unity and solidarity. It is certain that Russia will experience bigger crises in the following process.

We can accelerate and facilitate the process of connecting the South Azerbaijan which is under invasion of Iran (also called the North Iran) to Azerbaijan with its own will with this canal project.

In the next process, we should also build a canal to connect the Khazar Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar along the lands of Azerbaijan. These works can be done without much difficulty with today’s technology/means. As I stated earlier, we should establish a naval ministry as soon as possible.

Turkiye should begin to negotiations with the countries and companies who want to take a place to involve in these projects without wasting any time.

Will it be possible to create water flow in the canal that will be built between the Black Sea and the Khazar Sea just like the water flow in the Istanbul Strait…

Will it be possible to build a system similar to the system generating electrical energy in the Istanbul Strait in this canal…

With this project, will it be possible to find so many kinds of fish in the seas of Turkiye after it became so bad at fishery…

How much the value of the Istanbul and Çanakkale Straits will increase…

What kind of big changes will be seen in the transportation system/network across the world…

Will it be possible to make Turkiye act as a big and reliable bridge between Asia and Europe in trade…

What benefits this canal will provide to the biological diversity of the Khazar Sea and the Turkic states…

The best experts of the world should begin to work on these and similar subjects.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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