There are some things I want to announce to the whole world

The authoritative and influential people already know these things, but let the base hear these, too.

1- I was really unlikely that Tayyip would break this hand which I extended to him once again, treacherously and insidiously. I was expecting him to make a wise decision considering the disastrous conditions he was in and his own fate. This human devil is a real one. He did what suited him again. He tried to break the extended hand. He tried to set up sneaky, devilish games, again. He tried to dig my well, looked down with arrogance again and ruined himself again. How many times he did the same thing…

I gave such a devil this opportunity again because it would provide a great benefit to this nation/state, the humanity and the planet. My intentions, my actionsand my decisions are also before the eyes. There is no agreement so that it will be broken. There was a new ambush under the appearance that he was getting along and it is disrupted now. No matter what religion or cause he has, no one who are remained human can ignore my rightness here. I am not the one who’s done wrong. Let this be well known…

I’ve written all this stuff, I’ve said it. Those were all written with the utmost seriousness. I am not someone they can set up with money, office, women, threats, metaphysics, blackmail and I am not someone they can demonize as themselves. I am someone who follows our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who said, “If you give the sun in one hand and the moon in the other hand, I will not turn away from my cause/religion anyway.”

My religion/cause is right… I did not set out for a mortal world bliss. If I was looking for money, fame, position, reputation, I would get into the flow and I would have had them years ago.

2- I am not an enemy of the American people. I wouldn’t have a problem with the state, but when the administration of the state is in the hands of a mob that is the enemy of my nation and humanity, conflict is inevitable. I am not responsible for this, and I have repeatedly stated that the American people should disrupt this game.

I have no problem with the American A team, either. But I also have nothing to do with Trump who is known to be on this team and is considered one of the leading figures of this team and he is not trustworthy. Again, I cautiously extended a hand to him thinking that it would be for the benefit of my nation, my state and all humanity but he responded in the same way, again. The words he said to me are completely different than his intentions and actions… He is no different from Tayyip at all, and this time, Trump is one of those who gave Tayyip the courage to do this evil…

If Trump had not been such a person, he would have already become the president of the USA again. I did everything necessary for him to become the president of the USA again. The only thing left to do for him was to install himself in the presidential office. For months, I opened the closed doors in front of him but every each time, he put a lock on every door I opened and did not get through. Finally, I even took Netanyahu from the game, so now I’ve given him another opportunity but he preferred to be evil again.

3- Just as I am not an enemy to any nation, just as I am not a racist, I am not an enemy to the Russian nation. The whole world has seen how sensitive I have been to this day so that Russia and the people of Russia would not be harmed… Then, the expected events happened, every time I wanted to disrupt their betrayal, the Russian B team openly betrayed and rejected the opportunities I offered them and Russia is deliberately being dragged into disasters.

There is a Russian A team these days and I have no problem with them. But there are traitors among them who set up games within the game. Peskov comes first of all. Peskov is no different from Tayyip, Trump, Putin and the like. Peskov also looked for opportunities to break the hand I extended to him in a vile and insidious way.

I didn’t give him the opportunity to do this and his accounts were ruined, his traps began to entangle themselves. Russian A team also needs to get rid of Peskov and his gang. Peskov is colluding with Putin.

These three people are now even more prominent enemies for me than Xi and Putin. A very high number of influential and authoritative people in the field of politics in the world have seen what has happened in the recent process and how firm my stance and how insidiously they want to dig my well despite this. All of those who are honest among them will express this truth everywhere.

All parties who act with me and those who do not should know about these issues.

The parties who have seemed friendly to me and the parties who did not want to dig a pit for me should not be bothered. I have no words against them. The Power Alliance (MI) is keep moving forward and it will be. Those who want to participate sincerely in MI should put their sincerity into action and exhibit it.

Those who want to drop me into a pit will also be dropped into the pits they have dug.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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