Metaphysical conflicts should be taken seriously

Especially, if the people who are targeted are using alcohol and drugs or if they are with diseases may die in terrible ways. In fact, they may not die and beg someone to kill them. Those who witness the moment they die can be traumatized.

Also there is a high risk for those who turned into demonized people. Especially the ritualist satanists are becoming the primary targets. The rapists, murderers, money launderers, mafias, loan sharks, tyrants, ritualists, organ traffickers, those who commit food fraud, those who try to destroy the clean water sources, those who try to drag the humanity and planet into a disaster, the magicians, mediums and people like those (it doesn’t matter if they are soldiers, bureaucrats or civillians) are the primary targets of the metaphysical conflicts recently… The influential and authoritative people in the world know that a very high number of people among the those in question in many states have died in terrible ways.

It is not possible for a state/army to stand tall against a metaphysicist army which have enough metaphysical power. Even without a bullet, an entire Chinese army and even the reserve armies can be eliminated.

Kidnapping babies, children, young people and adults, ripping them apart with torture in the rituals, forcing them to prostitution, taking their organs, raping them is a big devilry but… Committing these crimes by the power of the states and armies against their own citizens is a bigger devilry.

Those who think that they can do anything they want and it wouldn’t cause them any harm can repeatedly watch this soldier who is a rapist, who aided and abetted to his own state in the black money trafficking operations, who is a murderer and have killed so many people unjustly. That’s nothing compared to what will happen to him after he die. This is only the trailer. The actual film starts when he died.

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