Predators will not harm humans

Genetic engineering is mentioned in the hadiths of the End Times.

There will come a day when animals, plants, and even human species and races, which have been derived by genetic engineering and are not adjusted, will be interfered with again by genetic engineering. Problems will be solved to a great extent. Animals whose genetic codes have been partially altered will also be corrected, even if they were not subsequently derived and have existed in the earth’s nature from the very beginning. In some hadiths describing the End Times, it is also stated that these will happen, and we are in the End Times.

Perhaps, before the apocalypse breaks loose once again, we can leave a beautiful world to the next (after us) father Adam, and sons. We can also be among the staff that will solve the nature, zoo, and problems that have been going on for millions of years and that hurt a lot in our world.

If you have read the dozens of articles I have written on this field so far, you can easily understand the meanings when you read the following Hadith-i Sharif translations on this basis:

“(Prophet Jesus, after he was brought down to the world at the end of time from the heaven where he was lifted) After that, he will live for forty years. No one will die in his time. The person will say to his sheep and animals – go and graze. They will go, they will not take a single ear even though they pass through the middle of the crop. Snakes and scorpions will not persecute anyone. Predatory animals will stand in front of their doors and they will not harm anyone (humans)… “(Imam Suyuti, Signs of Doomsday, Death and Resurrection, p. 184)

“Enmities and hatred between people will disappear. Scorpions and snakes will not have venom, even a child will play with a snake with his hand and the snake will not bite him. The girl will force the lion to run away, but the lion will not cling to her. The wolf will wait among the sheep as if he were a shepherd dog. The earth will be filled with religious unity just as the vessel is filled with water. No one will worship except Allah. There will be nothing left in the name of war, fight… The earth will be like a silver table. It will upspring his crop just as in Adam’s time. A soldier will be satisfied with a bunch of grapes. A group of people will be satisfied with a single pomegranate. An ox will cost too much, and a horse will be bought for a few dirhams.”

It was said:

“O Messenger of Allah! Why will the horse be so cheap? “

“There will be no need for it as there will be no war.”

“Why will the ox be so expensive? “

“It will be very necessary since the whole earth will be planted.” (Ibn Mace reported his like from Abu Umama, The Great Hadith Collection, Rudani, volume 5, p. 370-371-372)

Now let’s get to the deeper part…

In fact, none of us belong to these worlds. Real life is not this life. It is not life that is limited by matter…

We actually came from the realm of the hereafter and we will return to the realm of the hereafter. Our souls are immortal and we will exist forever. We are already in an eternity right now. We are in a phase/stage of this infinity. This stage is called the life of the world or the world of testing.

The souls of people were always together in a realm called the “spirit realm”.

Spirits were always together like an army in a state of communion in the hereafter, that is, on the sky floor in the arsh-i ala(empyreal), one of those huge realms above the seven heavens.

However, who is sent to which planet, at what time, in which state, from which mother and father, are ordained by Allah. A person whose time comes is sent to world life, sent, born, tested, makes his choices, and then dies, on the occasion of a mother and father, who came next. After death, the soul is taken back to the realm of the hereafter, where it comes from.

In fact, everyone knew the truth of Islam and creation while they were in the spirit world. While they were together in the spirit world, every religious truth was told and shown to everyone, and everyone accepted them with amazement. At that time, Allah asked all souls at the same time, “Am I not your Lord?” and all the spirits said, “Yes, you are our Lord.”

But… Most of those who were sent to the worldly life denied this in the worldly life, even though they said: “Yes, you are our Lord” in the spirit world. Because, when Allah sent people to this bodily/material realm through a mother and father, he appreciated the infancy and childhood years, the maturation of the mind in this process, but the fact that the truths we saw before in the spirit world are not remembered after mind matures. When people pass from childhood to adolescence, when their mind is full, they do not remember what they live in the spirit world.

They wake up when they die

While such people live in this world, they believed in the religion of Islam, the Qur’an, the prophets of truth, our prophet, the Prophet. They deny Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh). They live without distinguishing between halal and haram, sin, goodness, goodness, and evil.

Throughout their lives, they commit countless sins, rebellions, oppressions, and all kinds of wrongs and evils. Then, at a time they do not know and do not expect, they die of an accident, illness, or another occasion. They wake up as soon as they die.

In a famous hadith, our Prophet (pbuh) said, “People are asleep. They wake up when they die”. As I explain above, people who see, hear and understand everything while in the spirit world, that is, in the hereafter, are in a sort of sleep state in their worldly lives. They do not remember, they do not know, and are left to their will. They are left to their choices. Either they will believe or they will not go to eternal hell. Either they will do good deeds (always good things, good deeds) after they have believed, or they will go to Hell again by sinking into sins/wrongdoes. However, since they have believed in this possibility, they will not go to hell forever, no matter how bad they do, but to hell for a period that will atone for their sins. Then, when the torment is over, they will go to Paradise.

People who have lived without remembering the spirit realm throughout their life on earth will remember and remember as soon as they die. They instantly know what kind of realm they are in, what kind of system/balances/wisdom there is, what the universe actually is, what they have been through, where they went and then come back after they died.

Because while people continue to stay/live in a place in the Alem-i Arsh(the ninth heaven), they are also sent to the world for a short-term world life. Here they have a body, they live, they become adolescents, their minds become mature, they are put to the test by being left to their choices, they die and wake up. When they pass away, they realize that they have always been standing in that place, their originals are there, a copy of them is here in this world, and they have been tested. They remember again.

So… These are things similar to those in the famous Matrix movie… Neo, the protagonist of that movie, is sent from real life to a life that is as if it’s a copy/virtual, to achieve something, and as a result, whether he will be successful or not is determined by one’s own will, belief, and determination to fight. The difference is that in that Matrix movie, there is a transition from the real world/life to a virtual/imaginary, dreamlike world.

However, according to the religion of Islam, we are sent from the real life, that is, the hereafter, to this worldly life and are tested, but this worldly life is not a false/virtual or a dream life. This life is a real life…

Our life in this world is “Even if we lose, let’s lose. What happens, this is a real life that cannot be called a dream life/realm… Or “No matter how badly we do to ourselves, humanity, animals and the world in this worldly life. This is not real life, it is virtual, and we are not responsible for what we do here, a real life that cannot be said…

We are responsible for every word we say, every job/action we do here. We are also responsible for the words we did not say when we were supposed to.

Iblis deceived Jewish scholars in this part

Until present, all prophets, our father Hz.Adam to Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (phbu) the last prophet, are the prophets of the religion of Islam. All of them talked about the existence of Allah, his unity, the life of the hereafter, the Doomsday, the resurrection, the Judgment Day, the reckoning, Paradise, Hell, torment and reward.

The prophet Davud(David), the prophet Süleyman (Solomon), the prophet İsa(Jesus), the prophets Zekeriyya (Zechariah) and Yahya(John), and the prophet Nuh (Noah) all told these things.

Divine books were sent down to some of these prophets that we Muslims undoubtedly believe in the Psalms(Zebur), the Torah(Tevrat) and the Bible(İncil) in their uncorrupted form. They are also true books, but Iblis(Satan) caused them to be distorted and corrupted from the original. He played a lot of games and still does.

Prophets used to speak according to people’s intelligence/comprehension levels. They used to say that it would be cruelty to tell people what they could not understand. While they were explaining the basic issues of religion to large groups of people who believed in them, they would also tell the deep subjects of the religion of Islam to the intelligent, sincere, religious and zealous minority people they chose.

They have always told such distinguished people the parts that I have summarized above in a way that everyone can understand, and much, much deeper parts of them. The prophet  Moses(Hz.Musa) also told. Sincere/righteous people at that time understood these well, and these people told them to some sincere/righteous people from later generations. While these sciences were conveyed by explaining in this way, Iblis also set up games.

“Then this worldly life is not real. This is a virtual/shadow life and a short life. In fact, we have always been in the hereafter and we are still there. So, whatever we do in this worldly life, we will not be held responsible”. From those days until today, Jewish rabbis have said, “Everything that comes to mind is permissible to achieve victory,” and they have done terrifying things. And they said to the Jews, who asked the depth of their words, “Because this is not a real world.” From those days until today, and today, Jews have slaughtered babies, children, women, innocents, animals, old people, forests, water sources and everything. They thought, and they still think, that they would not suffer for what they do, but they are unaware of they are playing tricks of Iblis.

There are seven layers of heaven. Parallel universes…

I will explain it in the most concise way and in a way that almost everyone of all levels can understand.

After a short worldly life, what we call death is experienced, the soul and the body are separated, and the person remembers the religious truths that were made to be forgotten as soon as he dies, “Alas, what have I done? Why didn’t I believe, why didn’t I live with the right choices?” he says, but it’s too late.

Because Allah has given wisdom in the life of this world, given the right of choice, warned by sending prophets, warned by sending divine books, but that person does not care about any of them or he follows false prophets and false or corrupted books. He has no excuse. Even though he objects, it is too late.

However, while most of the people are taken to account after death, “O Lord, I died at a very young age. If I lived longer, I would definitely believe and live by doing good things”. “O Lord, if I had been born from a better mother and father, or if I had been born in a better time, among a better nation, I would have found the truth, believed, and turned my eternal life into heaven. I wouldn’t be here now. Isn’t that an injustice? That person won heaven, but his mother was righteous and his father was righteous. He was also sent to worldly life at a time when Islam was very widespread. Was it my terms? Isn’t that unfair?” they will say. And they will make many similar objections.

That great court is such a court that no one’s right to defense will be hindered. Everyone will defend themselves, speak their words, but they will be shown something from the tape.

“O my servant! If you were born from a good mother and father and were born in a good time, you would still live and die as a bad servant. Look, watch”.

What will he watch? Places called parallel universes today…

We said that there is a tiny space and there are seven layers of sky above it, each of which is big with a difference. They were not created in vain.

I don’t know exactly what else there is for now, but there are places called parallel universes out there.

In other words, copies of people live there. Replicas of humans and jinn living in this central/original place, that is, on planets/realms in space, also live in realms within the seven-fold heavens.

There is an MFS in this world, but there are maybe thousands or even hundreds of thousands of MFS in the parts of the seven-fold sky. Humans and jinn, who have won or lost the test in this worldly life, are born in those parallel universes/lives under different conditions.

In other words, we are not given a full will in our world. A slight/partial will is given. Our mother, our father, the age at which we are born, the state in which we are born, our relatives, etc. We don’t have the right to choose many things. Those who will put forward various excuses during the calculation in the hereafter will be shown the lives they live here. Because some conditions are different in each copy there… For example, if I was born from a good mother and a very bad and cruel father, both my father and mother become good people in a place in a parallel universe. In another parallel part, both my father and mother get bad. In this life, for example, if I have been tested with a high statue and have done things that would lose the test by tumbling for it, there is a life in the parallel part where I live like a simple citizen without my statue. There are a very large number of parallel lives in which parts of what might be called the main fracture lines have changed.

All lives end in the same place. The loser here, he loses thousands or hundreds of thousands in different life circumstances. Winners here also win over there. Allah is so fair that he also leads parallel lives so that his servants can see them and cannot object to them in court, even if they do, they do not get results, and they do not think that they have been wronged.

No one gets results from their objection.

This being the case, everyone knows about their situation and decisions in parallel lives, where the contested life conditions are different, and no one’s objections are of any use.

People who listen to their nafs and devils (infidel jinn) in a short worldly life have to spend their eternal lives in hell.

There is nothing to be taken lightly in this world. Both humans and jinn on this planet… Humans and jinn on other trillions of planets were sent to these planets/realms for testing. When everyone comes to their senses, they are responsible for questioning life, seeking the truth, finding faith, and then doing good works. Men and women alike… It’s not just the stupid/crazy ones who are responsible. No one’s excuse will be of any use on the day of judgment tomorrow. A great just treatment will be done, and those who are in heaven will be put in heaven and those who are in hell will be put in hell. Again, no servant will be sent back to the worldly life and will not be given the opportunity to live in a way that will change his eternal life. Everyone should do whatever they want to do in this short worldly life.

In heaven the images will be different

In this worldly life, there are other forms of human beings and jinn on many planets, but after the apocalypse, the forms will change as they enter Paradise. In Paradise, the image of all human species will be the same. That image will be very similar to the image of our world humanity. In this worldly life, there are human species on some planets who are a hand span of us or twice as tall as us, and they will be like the images of our earth peoples. They will be even more beautiful. There will be no such thing as trouble in heaven. There won’t even be sleep. Even bodies will not be got dirty and it will not even be necessary to clean the body. What else…

It is necessary to tell it out loud for hours, but those who have intelligence can make their basic choices right even with this much, they should. It should be well known that we are not racist. We are not one of those who struggle in pursuit of money, position and fame. We are servants struggling for the guidance of humans and jinn. We do not invite anyone into our system or under our administration. We invite everyone to the religion of Islam. The more people and jinn we are instrumental in making the right choices, the more rewards there will be for us, and there are bounties and rewards according to him in the hereafter, whose blessings never end. It’s not like the ones here. They are blessings and rewards that minds do not understand…

If a Jew sincerely accepts these truths and becomes a Muslim, he will only become our brother. He sees only brotherhood from us. Not even a judgment, not even a condemnation. Because when they choose Islam, all their previous sins are erased and forgiven. Do we have a promise when even Allah forgives us?

Those who believe by hearing these truths among alien human species or alien jinn species also attain eternal salvation. They too become our brothers and see brotherhood from us. All the sins they committed until they believed and became Muslims are forgiven by Allah.

Audio-June 17th 2021

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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