One Adam, two Eves, two planets

People of Venus

One Hz.Adam(pbuh), two Eves, two planets

In known space, the human species that most closely resembles us Earth humans is Venus humanity.

So much so that if one of them were brought to our world and dressed like us and started walking among us, no one would be able to understand that he was from Venus. If it were the other way around, even if we wandered around Venus dressed and behaving like Venusians, Venusians would not be able to understand that we are from Earth. They think it’s one of their own.

Our mother, Eve, was created from the left rib of Hz.Adam(pbuh), the first human and the first prophet, to whom not a divine book but 10 pages of divine texts (suhuf) was sent down, but another Eve was created from her right rib. This Eve, which is not known to everyone from the people of the world, but known only to Islamic scholars who have come a long way, was revealed on Venus and was kept alive there. As a prophet, Hz.Adam(pbuh) showed miracles and could be on two different planets at the same time. Now, scientists say, “According to quantum physics, a person can be in more than one place at the same time.” They say, this was something like him, but something that was not done with science, physics, education, but with a miracle…

On Venus, the lineage of our father Hz.Adam(pbuh) continued on the occasion of this Eve, and Venus humanity was formed. When the image of this Eve became like the image of us people of the world, the descendants of this lineage became just like the people of the world. However, there were slight differences in the internal organ structure of this Eve, and still, the subtle/detail differences between Venus people and us are in the internal organ structure, not outward appearance.

Brides to Venus, Brides from Venus

The true story of Habil(Abel) and Kabil( Cain)…
When our father Hz.Adam(pbuh) was given an Eve with Venus, his descendants bred there, too. Eve with Venus gave birth to twins in the first pregnancy, a boy and a girl. Earthling Eve also gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, in the first pregnancy.
Then they grew up and reached the age of marriage. The girl on earth was married to the boy on Venus, and the girl on Venus was married to the boy on our earth. This business of taking and giving brides continued for several generations. In this way, the sons of Hz.Adam(pbuh) spread and bred both on Venus and in our world. As some people think, twins were not always born in the successive pregnancies of our father Hz.Adam(pbuh) and Eve, and then he did not cross-marry his own daughters and sons with each other. There was never a sibling marriage.

The incident of Habil and Kabil is not exactly as it is known. Kabil was a Venusian. Habil was earthly. Kabil wanted to marry the girl from Venus, who was also his sister and never married, instead of the lawful earthly girl who was married to him. This was never allowed, and he became the first person to shed blood, to kill a human being, and to fall into the temptation of women for the first time, following his ego and his devil.

Just as the wives and children of many prophets lost the test and strayed, Eve with Venus almost lost and strayed. His jealousy caused him to fall into these dangerous situations. It was constantly said that our father, Hz.Adam(pbuh), loved the earthly Eve more and loved him less. That’s why he was always sociable and inconsistent. He always told this to his children, and he constantly filled them up and misled them. He wanted to create a feeling of hostility towards the earthlings in his children. It was his mother, the Venusian Eve, that caused Kabil, who was a Venusian, to become such a person.
Kabil wanted to make his sister, who was not married to him and who was very spiritual as befits his father, his wife, and when he saw a harsh reaction, he tried to kidnap this sister. Allah protected this girl with a very strong spirituality through Habil, and Kabil could not kidnap her. While Habil prevented the kidnapping of the girl, he was killed by Kabil during the fight.

Hz.Adam(pbuh) also executed his other son, Qabil, who both pursued sexual perversion and killed people unjustly while fighting for this cause. He did what the law required and applied retaliation.
After Kabil killed Habil unjustly and this tragic event happened, the business of taking and giving a bride between the world and Venus came to an end. The sons of Hz.Adam(pbuh) in the two worlds were already sufficiently numerous and spread out.

Eve with Venus did not completely stray, did not apostatize, and was not one of those who will remain in Hell forever. After this tragic incident happened, he regretted a lot and asked forgiveness from Allah for a very long time, but he did not leave religion completely. “Our mother, Eve, wept for a long time and begged Allah’s forgiveness,” which has always been a topic among Muslims. And the Eve that was called was this Venusian Eve. She cried for a long time on Venus and was separated from Adem.

The claim that our father Hz.Adam(pbuh) and our mother Eve were in separate places and away from each other for centuries when they were first sent to the world, and that they found each other centuries later by searching with tears and prayers is also not true. When they were sent to Earth, they were together, side by side.

There are more shocking facts as well. When our father Hz.Adam(pbuh) was sent to the world, there were tools, devices and buildings built by human hands and technology in the world.

In fact, I have explained how this is possible in my articles for almost ten years, but I did not explain it in a way that everyone can understand. At the first opportunity, I will try to explain this in a way that everyone at all levels can understand.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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