The Woman Who Glowed At Night:Anna Monaro

Anna Monaro was a witch and metaphysician, but her radiance was not something she could do with witchcraft or metaphysical abilities. Anna also had alien genes in her genes. His descendants had these alien genes and were passed on to Anna.

Other unimaginable human species exist in trillions of realms/planets in outer space. Some of them naturally have wings on their bodies and fly in the air. Others have innate body structures that can breathe through gills and live in water and land. One of them is the genre that lives in Issyk lake and is inspired by the movie “Avatar”… (See: https://mfs.tv/en/2019/02/19/avatar-movie-isnt-sci-fi-either/ )

In some human species in space, the bodies naturally emit light. Their planets get dim; they don’t get enough sunlight as we do. In this way, some came to our world from the alien-human species, whose nature/nature is to emit light, and those who made tests on the people of the world.

Apart from this, some deliberately impregnated earthly human women and gave birth to hybrid earthlings and aliens, and some examined them. Not all of the women of the world who were kidnapped for this purpose were killed. After a while, some were left back in the environment they lived in, but their memories were erased…

Anna must also be a descendant of a woman who had such interventions. This intervention may have been done to a woman in her lineage 7 or 20 thousand years ago. Aliens were not hiding in our world then, and a sexual relationship was established in the circle of consent; as a result, genes may have been mixed.

As stated in the video, there have been other people in the world whose bodies emit light on their own, and they are also known.

Because these interventions were made to many people of the world, and a woman had more than one child, their descendants spread to other places by continuing from different branches by forking. Although they came from the same lineage and genetic codes, communities living in different places, languages, and cultures were formed.

Anna’s condition, called asthma, was probably not precisely asthma either. Because due to genetic code incompatibility, such people live in trouble for a lifetime. Blacks/blacks have also suffered genetic code mismatches for thousands of years. Their bodies are indeed born with severe problems that require urgent genetic intervention/repair. This is how their lineage continues.

Soon, this information will be “well-known” and “not surprising” information by us worldwide. Soon, code conflicts that appear in some races/nations and even some animal species will be able to be intervened in our world, and our world will be a smoother, calmer world. However, if we can resist the greens and grays from imposing/shooting those so-called vaccines, that will further disrupt the genetics of all humanity under the pretext of corona…

Genetics… It is a field where states that want the protection of the world/nature and the health and well-being of the world’s humanity should come together immediately and work hard and continuously with huge opportunities/budgets…

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