Don’t make people laugh, did the Sumerians find the writing?

It was reduced to 10 pages for the first human and the first prophet Adam AS, 50 pages for the prophet Seth, 30 pages for the prophet Idris AS, and 10 pages for the prophet Hazrat Ibrahim AS. In other words, written pages were sent down to some of our prophets besides our four books of rights.

They did not find the article. There was also writing in heaven, and ten pages of Adam’s ‘alaihis-salam'(PBUH) were downloaded in his worldly life. Hazrat Adam AS also taught his children to read and write, and it spread and continued. Different human races also came into existence after Noah’s Flood, and I have recounted how it happened before. It was the cave age, the stone age, the evolutionary process, all of these are extremely malicious and exaggerated superstitions without scientific or religious foundations… Lies that have been scientifically disproved ten million times over trillion times. Before Hazrat Adam’s death AS, he was riding on high-tech flying vehicles. With these, he was going to space, to other planets. Already, vehicles that can fly not only in the sky but also in space were used while making bride exchange with Venus. Who was primitive/primitive and superstitious, who was civilized and engaged in knowledge/science, the humanity of the world will soon understand this much more clearly?

I will bury those so-called scientists, who are actually Satanists, in the dark pages of history, not one by one, but by a hundred thousand, who declare that they are atheists but do so with lies and tactics. Even if it is attacked with the most advanced technologies of 18 thousand realms, not our world, I will not die. I also have a duty and Allah will protect me until my duty is done. What I have done so far, compared to what I will do, is like a grain of dust in the Arabian peninsula.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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