They fled their world, have buggered around our world


About a hundred million years ago, the people of another world experienced a great war. They were very devastated by this war, and a very high number of lives were lost. A group of those who could save their lives came to our world with a large number of spacecraft.

They settled primarily in South America. They were afraid of being followed and attacked. At that time, there was no Adam and Eve and their children/generations in our world. In other words, there was no other person in the world other than those who came. Even so, they decided to live underground. Because they seemed sure that one day they would be followed and attacked.

They were shorter than us and had gray skin. They had reached the extreme in science and technology. In terms of religion, honor, and morality, they had retrograded at the same rate and hit the bottom. Rule-free, merciless, shameless, they could not sleep unless they constantly hurt someone or something. It was as if they took nourishment and fed by evil.

In our world where they took refuge, they mostly resided in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. They built very few buildings above ground. They established very large underground cities thousands of kilometers under the ground. They brought with them some animals, plants, soil samples, water, and technological devices from their world.

Sometime after they were established in our world, they examined our world and the life on it with very advanced technology. Afterward, they had broken their intentions and embarked on things they should never have done.

They started by looking at whether the animal and plant species they brought from their world would adapt to the nature of our world. Before fully releasing them into the wild, they fenced off some places and spied on them by releasing them.

Then they released those who could adapt to the nature of our world. They played with the genes of animals they thought they could not adapt to. When a time came, they went further in this business and began to combine the genetic codes of the animals of our world with the animals they brought from their world. They bred hybrid animal species. They did not immediately release them into nature, but instead left them in large enclosed areas, and observed and examined them.

They also classified the animal and plant species in our world. They examined the animals in each class in detail. They got the genetic code for all of them. Then, for centuries, they played with the genes of animals and plants in that enormous facility they built in Nazca, Peru. They did very advanced genetic engineering.

Flying saucers were plentiful, and they were observing and examining this facility from the air. After a while, they drew pictures of that animal on each field, as they were confused about which animal species they were on while they were under aerial surveillance in the vast forested area. They drew the animal drawings hundreds of meters in size and perfectly so that they could be seen clearly from above.

They made these shapes they drew on the ground very easily with their flying saucers, disrupting the chemistry of the soil and burning its atoms. Thus, while they were in the air in their flying vehicles, they quickly realized which of the hundreds of animal classes they were above the field where their testing was done.

They drew a monkey shape on the field you see in the picture. At that time, there were three or five species of monkeys in our world that resembled this figure. Monkeys weren’t all that human-like. These irregulars, this other human species that came to our world, which is like a paradise from another world, played a lot on monkeys, too.

During their genetic engineering studies, they combined the codes of monkeys and bird species, monkeys and lions, monkeys, and every possible animal. They also used artificial wombs in these trials. So the surrogate mother didn’t even need an animal. When it was immediately seen that good results were not obtained, they immediately culled the new species they had derived. When they were able to breed animals that seemed unproblematic at first glance, they spread them out over large fenced areas and studied for a while. At some point in this process, they even added their human genes to the monkeys. There weren’t any orangutans back then, there wasn’t such a wide variety of apes, and there wasn’t that much ape-human similarity.

They just didn’t work hard to derive ape species. They also worked hard to create incredible animal species.

When a time came, they began to combine the codes of our world’s raptor birds with the predatory reptiles. This is how they did one of the greatest evils to our world and to the people of the world who will come and live in our world for millions of years after them.

They got crazy results in this part. Whether it is called a bird or a predatory reptile, they have created a strange creature, the dinosaurs. They even produced various types of dinosaurs by combining different codes. After a while, dinosaur types also mated among themselves and also caused the emergence of new dinosaur species. Until an estimated 30-40 million years passed and they were completely extinct, these dinosaurs always plagued humanity. They hurt a lot. They have also done a lot of damage to nature. They haven’t seen any good and felt uncomfortable.

Just like crocodiles…

I wrote before. The true story of many animal species, from marine iguanas to octopuses and crocodiles, is not at all what we think…

One of the animal species they brought with them was the crocodile. However, the crocodiles they brought from their home planet were much more docile and less predatory. After the crocodile they brought, they played with their genes here. They turned it into a more wild, predatory, harmful animal. They even changed the thickness and texture of their skin.

Since that day, neither the crocodiles have lived in peace, nor have they lived in peace, nor have humans and animals… Since then, countless people in the world have died or severely lost their limbs, even their limbs have been severely injured, due to these deliberately brutalized crocodiles, and this continues. Since that day, the herds of animals that have found water on the road while traveling for kilometers have come to the water with fear. Because crocodiles have always set up ambushes around here, they are. As I said before, crocodiles did not do any good to the nature of this world and on the contrary, they were always harmful. If they disappeared now, they, the animals, and humanity would have been saved.

They have displayed such unrestrained attitudes in this genetic engineering business that after a while, they made advanced experiments on themselves.

They tried on their species by copying the genes of animals in the world that they deem strong, different in some aspects, and useful. A mother and father could already have their species born in artificial wombs, without the need for an alien. Then they added the animal codes in question and observed and examined the results. They even tried to change and corrupt their kind. After a while, the color of their blood turned green. On their skin, apart from the gray, the greenish parts are also visible. These trials have carried on for hundreds of years.

They were disrupting and hitting the world more and more each day that they were attacked.

Fortunately, another alien-human species, their enemy, found traces of them. They made a very heavy attack without waiting. They threw their weapons, much more advanced than nuclear bomb technology, on them. This dehumanized alien-human species has finally found its scourge. Very few of them survived. Others perished in horrific ways as if living in an infernal world. Shelters and necessary tools and devices were always kept on standby, always considering the possibility of an attack. Those who escaped by taking shelter here were a handful, but they went to two different planets and continued to act as human evil there. We have had to suffer from their deviltry for about a hundred million years.

Some lands in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina were completely burned and turned into a desert in this attack. Almost all of the underground bases were destroyed.

I will write much more on these topics, I will tell.

Then, when that great attack took place, many places in and around Nazca suddenly burned down. People, buildings, trees, zoos, and even the land were burned.

These lines, which are called Nazca lines because there is immediate desertification, have remained for millions of years, they have not disappeared. Because the sun always kept it dry, it didn’t rain, and it just stood there.

They didn’t just draw a line there. They burned the soil with a laser-like technique, opened channels along the lines, but they also placed a technology similar to the technology we call hologram today, inside those lines/channels. A light image, which we can call laser or hologram, was given upwards from these channels. Even in the sky, the shapes of these animals could be seen, and it could be immediately understood that such animals were collected and examined in the part below these shapes.

This desertification has remained to this day.

Millions of years have passed, but the region has not grown, it does not. The hottest and driest desert in the world is the Atacama desert in this region…

This huge desert, which is located within the borders of Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia, has always remained a desert due to the cold water currents near the Pacific Ocean. When the water was cold, the sun did not evaporate the ocean water there, which caused the water/moisture not to rise to the sky, and as a result, those places remained places where it never rained.

It is inexplicable that a land/desert that is zero/close to the ocean has not greened for millions of years. To explain this, this cold current called Humboldt Current is shown as the reason.

The shocking truth is that what is called the Humboldt Current is also a current created by artificial means and by aliens.

The aliens wanted and want these places to remain as deserts forever. Because for millions of years, as in many parts of the world, there are alien facilities underground in this region. Under the vast deserted lands in the region, very large underground cities still exist today.

They do this to be able to live there more comfortably and to be relatively comfortable when they go to the earth or sky by flying saucers or other vehicles during the night and day, but there is another reason. The hot sands get extremely hot thanks to the burning rays of the sun and transfer the heat to the lower layers. In this substrate part, some systems convert heat into electrical energy. In other words, some of the energy consumed by secret cities and bases kilometers under the ground is obtained thanks to the heat generated in this deserted area. This technology is far more advanced than our solar panel electricity generation technology…

During the said horrific attack, they also tried to respond to it. They had already set up more or fewer facilities in North America, and they had spread there as well. As for the attack, these incendiary bombs were also dropped on North America.

The Nevada Desert in the USA is also a land that has suffered from this attack and turned into a desert. In these attacks, the flat ground lands were immediately burned and turned into dry land, but when the mountainous and rough places were attacked, they were almost burned from the inside. These incendiary bombs were thrown to burn the bases and cities far underground. Their potency was too great. As such, they burned not only the surface of the hills and mountains above the ground but also all over the interior. Even the rocky parts of the mountains suffered from this attack. Even their physical form has changed.

This resulted in those strange burned, arid, hilly/rocky areas seen in the Nevada Desert and other deserts.

The intensity of the incendiary bombs dropped on some areas was relatively low. They did not see the need to throw very strong bombs there. As such, after a while, greening took place there again. At least there was partial greening. Also, in areas farther from the place where the bombs were dropped, there was relatively less heat, less burning, and this resulted in partial desertification.

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