Here I am in the field and “You won’t be able to!” I want to see those who say…

More than 600 billion alien psychics were in the field (some of them were bionic) and very nearly half died.

More than 300 trillion jinn tribes were also on the field at the same time and they were completely destroyed.

There were also countless (hundreds of thousands) of spells and an allied army of mages. More than 420 human wizards of the world also died.

The magicians of the aliens and the magicians of the demons also supported them. They also have a high number of dead.

A very high number of metaphysical signal emitting devices were used at the same time, and almost all of them broke down.

We have no dead, no injured, and no problem other than fatigue. But despite this tiredness, we can crush this much more right now.

It is finished in the USA, China, and Russia. The Palestinian issue will now gain another dimension. I will do everything I say on earth. Diyarbakir will not be the black money star of the BOP, I will spoil it.

Here I am in the square and I want to see those who say “you can’t do it”.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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