Air syndrome or metaphysical distortion?

Needless to say.

I am not going to write the facts that everyone already knows. From that day to the present, there have been problems among the members of the armies and the equipments of the U.S., Russia, China, Iran and India. I wrote this before with a few lines.

I also knew that they could no longer hide these facts. These facts are started to appear in the world media and the press. They named it as “Havana syndrome”. There is no such a syndrome. It is clearly that they are defeated in the metaphysical war.

Their losses are severe… It is too severe that the U.S. defense minister have contacted me and made a request by saying “my friend”…
I have written it, you’ll remember. They said they have lost 120 soldiers but I have stated that the number is more then 300. I wrote that they have communication problems with the submarines and there are so many personnel casualties among many of their submarines. The tension has never decreased since the night and their casualties are increasing. There are also many high-ranking officers and bureaucrats who have died. The U.S. And NATO bases are in very bad conditions.

It is not only headeche or nausea what they are experiencing. They are dying in terrible conditions. They see the punishment of being a state official and kidnapping babies, children, young girls and women and kidnapping adults for organs mercilessly even in this world. Their deaths are like a public spectacle.

There are ships that no longer can fire missels properly. There are submarines that are rescued at the last minute. There are also those who they couldn’t rescue. There are so much more to tell. So many armies and navies are under very bad conditions and as of now, we will ruin the military satellites.

What we have done is the guarantee of what we are capable of. I warn them on this issue for so many times. I said to the U.S. Defense Minister that, “I am not hostile to any people. I have never hostile against you, either. I provided you opportunities for so many times. Even yesterday, I ruined the nuclear material smuggling business that will drag the USA into a disaster. I also sank a submarine with the same purpose. The Chinese officers have died also in the ship. I wasn’t even expect a thank you but what is it you have done? As long as Kamala and Biden stay in power, you cannot keep yourselves out of trouble. I don’t have to tolerate your groupings. I have only one interlocutor, and it is the United States of America. It is your internal affairs who and how rules it. You are dragged into disasters. Your problems continue by growing until you overcome your problems. Biden will apologize to the Turkish nation in front of the cameras and will withdraw his decisions/words.

And that’s what happened.

I don’t want any military elements (The land, air and navy elements) of NATO and the USA in Turkiye, Syria, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea and Marmara Sea.

Or they will take grave blows that they never thought about. Years ago, I wrote that Trump will be the last president of the USA, I couldn’t guess correctly. At this rate, Biden will be the last president of the USA. The green skinned monstrous creature is trying so hard to make this happen…

I said “Do not try our patience.” for a reason. We can send half of the Chinese soldiers to the afterlife in only one night.

We leave no evidence or sign, though we don’t have this kind of problems. We write what we do and stand behind it.

It was also us who caused the death of the magician Jews in Israel. If we want, we could cause so much more death all over the world.

The metaphysical conflicts last night were so massive that it cannot be described with words. I think it was one of the most special metaphysical wars throughout the history. From now on, we do not expect anyone to attack us with metaphysics. This would be very illogical but we will see what happens.

It is so much easier for us to kill the alien metaphysicists than the human metaphysicists. It takes less time and effort. It is even easier for us to destroy the bionic robot armies of the aliens.

Especially in the last two days, they suffered a severe loss in the underground secret cities. We can harm them in their secret alien bases even with metaphysics but if necessary, we can bury them in there with technology.

I warn everyone from the beginning but it is impossible to understand why they still have not come to their senses.

Even the secret alien bases are in this bad conditions, what can the bionic robots who replaced important persons above the ground…

The collapse has begun. I did and I will continue to do what I said.

In the near future, those who want to maintain their existence should stay away from Russia, China, the USA and India. MI (The Power Alliance) is for everyone. It has simple and understantable rules. These are sincerity, loyalty, good intention and the power arising from unity…

The last moves of Russia and China all around the world are not worth considering. These are futile attempts. Soon, Russia will have no authority even on the weak, powerless countries in the world.

Also, the patriots in the USA are in the last exit before the bridge. They will either separate their country from the Biden/Kamala gang or they will be destroyed with them.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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