What kind of impertinence is this!!!

Damn it!

“A show of power from Zelensky. He advanced to the dangerous border and showed up.” The headline is supposed to be but the headline is “Zelensky fled by zigzagging” and changing perceptions and distorting reality is journalism. Down with journalism! It should be destroyed, ruined, not even a small part of it will remain.

What kind of impertinence is this? How can a state system be unresponsive to so-called newspapers that want to deceive their citizens so publicly and direct perceptions on important issues for the interests of other countries.

Is the so-called Milli Gazete working for the Orthodox Christian world, and therefore the Russians? Why is he trying to humiliate Ukraine and Zelensky at this critical moment, although it’s obvious that will get a big reaction?

The headline says “escaped” but cannot repeat this in the news text. It is stated that Zelensky went to an area where the pro-Russian separatists could be targeted by sniper fire and that he should run in a zigzag pattern until he moved to a safer area. In other words, Zelensky does what it should be, however Zilli Gazete writes what it should be written in the news text but makes perception games in the top headline.

The Zilli Gazete which is full of traitors with secret identities and most of all secret Orthodox Christians does not differ from the relentless attitude of the secret Jewish press that was called the “Cartel Press” against Muslims. Apparently, it is time to unearth the real face of the so-called National Vision filth and collect its leading actors with their files.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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