Being sold they don’t even know what’s going on

The situation of the 7th council of the Ankebut(Cobweb) Cult (Satan’s Council) is very complicated. There are also members of the council who have been replaced by bionic robots. I wrote this many years ago.

The reason why this council has made pro-Russian and pro-Chinese moves recently is the reason why it has become unable to manage the Ankebut Cult and is constantly in conflict with decisions, and even the reason why Biden was tenaciously (s)elected to the head of the USA.

These robots are the reason why the USA is made useless.

Because inside these bionic robots there are aliens working for the Greens. Currently, the administrative staff and governments of Russia and China are full of bionic robots of the Greens. There is a Green not only inside Xi Jinping but also inside Putin at the moment.

If I hadn’t caught up and intervened at the last minute, these bionic robots, the Greens, who betrayed the Ankebut Cult, would have thrown Ukraine into Russia’s arms. Moreover, they would do this when I was so cornered by Russia and Russia was in a difficult situation. The Jews / Masons who are still connected to the Ankebut Cult must know that I am not a friend to them, but I always tell the truth. They are in great betrayals, they are in very, very great danger. They can be betrayed anytime anywhere. They should see the games played as soon as possible and come to them. They should not let these Greens end the USA further through this council. They should drop Biden and Kamala, who have green aliens inside them, from the game.

There are Greens in power in Russia, China, USA. There are always different wings in the CIA, NATO, the UN, the EU, and there is always the domination of the Greens here. The most troubling thing right now is that there are a lot of Greens in Satan’s Council. The main reason for the weird and unprecedented developments in the world that not everyone could interpret is the conflict between these Greens with non-Green members and also with me.
That is the main issue …

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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