Is something hiding on the Russian-Ukrainian border?

There are very shocking claims. It needs to be discussed and made clear about what is what. The allegations are as follows:
– A mysterious disease spread among the Russian soldiers sent to the Ukrainian border.
-More than eight thousand Russian soldiers were affected / injured. The number of those affected is growing every minute.
– More than four hundred Russian soldiers died, and deaths are steadily increasing as time passes.
-More than thirty Russian soldiers are still in intensive care and their condition is severe.
– Field hospitals established in the region were established in a hurry and much larger than needed. The reason for this is to be able to treat a large number of injured soldiers without removing them from the area.
Despite this, the number of beds and medical devices are extremely insufficient.

– The Russians are making a big blackout so that the world does not hear these weird events in the place where they suddenly go through.
– They don’t want the soldiers’ relatives to hear this shocking truth either. They seized the soldiers’ phones. They cut the GSM and mobile internet networks in the area.
– Odnesses are also happening on Russian military ships and submarines located in the Black Sea near the Ukrainian border. There are also problems with the devices, but first of all the health of the staff is very bad.
-Panic prevails in the Russian army and navy. There are also those with health problems and those who died among the ranks. There is a demand to withdraw from the region immediately among senior and unlisted Russian soldiers. They are constantly making such demands to their superiors and political officials.
-Similar situations are experienced in Russian soldiers in different parts of the world. After those on the Ukrainian border, there are the most disturbances among the Russian soldiers in Syria, but they are not as bad as those on the Ukrainian border yet.
– Putin and his collaborators are not in good health either. The robbery does not fully convey these extraordinary situations in the army and navy to Putin. It makes the problems appear lighter than they are. In this way, he is trying to prevent Russia’s withdrawal.
-Only a few people remained on the Russian side who did not want to withdraw from the region. These too are political authorities, not military. (Like Putin, Robbery…)
– Russian soldiers are experiencing situations such as:
⦁ Nausea
⦁ Dizziness
⦁ High fever
⦁ Diarrhea
⦁ Fits of extreme anger and consequent harm to each other
⦁ Fainting
⦁ Confusion (Advanced problems in self-knowledge, understanding time and space, decision-making, and understanding the interlocutor)
⦁ Sudden deaths similar to a heart attack (Brain and heart damage)
⦁ Very severe and persistent tinnitus
⦁ Problems breathing
⦁ High levels of weakness
⦁ Severe muscle pain
⦁ Constantly vomitting

The Russians attributed this to some kind of metaphysical attack or an attack with electromagnetic weapons, but the top officials did not inform the others about this. They made them think of the existence of a virus outbreak or a food poisoning and interpret it as such. They did not want the soldiers’ morale to deteriorate any further.

– This is why the Russians brought electromagnetic weapons to the Ukrainian border.
– Some of these weapons broke down even before they were activated. They’re trying to fix it.
– The corpses of the soldiers are not delivered to their families and kept in cold storage.
– There are many Russian military vehicles in the area, but most of them are empty. The Russians took the military vehicles to further positions, but then they had to leave empty and withdraw the soldiers. They did this to hide their state and to appear strong. They will say that if asked, “we have a lot of technological superiority and don’t need much human power.”
– There is a moral superiority in the Ukrainian soldiers who see the situation. Their morale is very, very good, and they go to the Russian side and come back without any damage.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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