A world war may break out, but…

What a shocking truth but it is true. The green alien inside the bionic robot made in the form of Putin has been under intense metaphysical attack for a few days that he sometimes faints. He remains unconscious for a long time. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence is running the business. When he is awake, he cannot fully recover.

Yes, I am as serious as always. An artificial intelligence (bionic robot) is ruling the Russian people these days when I have upset all the balances in a flash and suddenly cornered Russia and put it in great trouble.

The whole world knows how long I endured and how many repetitions I warned so that the Russians would not fall into danger.

I have no hostility to the Russian nation, but these traitors who deliberately chose the wrong side, the club of the losers, despite all the warnings and the balance of power before our eyes, brought us to these days. The Russian nation must get rid of these traitors right now. Otherwise, they will destruct Russia.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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