It is evident from a heap of struck Tibetan monks

Don’t cry!

Your masters are in a coma and will never wake up again. You can immediately prepare for the funeral ceremonies. Exempt those who could return from hundreds of seriously injured brothers and bury the others. The world is cleansed of dirt a little more.

If any of you remain confident, they can continue to attack metaphysically right now. You are trying to give the world a moral image, but you are mobilizing to protect all the human demons. In fact, you die communally(en masse) for this cause.

Take a look at what you told the world and then look at what you have done. Around the world, you sacrifice yourself to protect an inhumane system that indiscriminately abducts babies, children, girls, young women and smash or sell them in rituals or force them into prostitution.

Your cause is a lie, your words are a lie. Your face is a lie. Very soon the whole world will see this fact clearly. How did we hurt you, your nation, your state, the members of your religion? You are doing such great metaphysical attacks on us. What law and which moral system do you rely on when making these attacks on us? Is it that false moral system you told the world … Shame on you!!!

Come on, if you have more power, men and masters, go ahead. We Turks, who want to protect all nations of the world from oppression, massacres, exploitation, organ mafias, prostitution mafias, and injustice, let’s squash all of you completely.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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