Is Peskov living himself or what is going on?

No matter which scientist (Physiognomist) you go to in the world, when they look at Peskov and then say, “This face, this body structure and the states seen on this person are incompatible with each other.”

Then they add, “These quick-witted answers, this logic, this attention, this intelligence, this determination can never be expected from such a figure / face. This person displays attitudes that are contrary to his nature / appearance. “

The famous “Yeliz” in our country, you know, Tayyip’s former driver… Actually, Peskov must have been close to him, but there is a completely different Peskov.

That person called Peskov in the middle is not actually Peskov… Peskov has already been killed and a bionic robot is being used in his image. Aliens inside such bionic robots can be changed at will. Nowadays, inside the robot in the form of Peskov, there are tiny aliens with gray-green colors as tall as three fists. These three fists work for mostly Greens. They were already mutated by them at the time. Despite of outnumbered some three fists are also working for the Grays.

Under normal circumstances, you have to explain a subject slowly and three times to someone with Peskov’s face. It is a difficult task which is like “camel through the eye of a needle” to pull the pensive Peskov, who always looks forward and far forward with foggy eyes, back to the place you meet, to draw him into reality, to pay attention to the subject you are telling and to make him understand it. Those tasks mentioned are like camel through the eye of a needle.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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