MFS-Lavrov talks

I would not intend to share the talking that I consider it’s inappropriate, but I did share it because of Lavrov who has insidiously and treacherously been setting schemes and kept on deceive both sides to hinder the friendship relations that I want to establish between Turkey and Russia for years. I also am very well aware of that everyone has understood his true face for nearly a year. Still, the Russia/Putin side has not done what it is required to do about Lavrov who so openly and constantly has been betraying Russia.

Lavrov has not conveyed to Putin the following talking that you listen/read as it should be. He has always done this for years. Not only he but also Zaharova and the other most important figures have kept on betraying Russia for years.
It’s also uncertain yet that what’s been going on in Russian politics. A long time ago, I made some publications and audio broadcasting to which I refer significance of the issues.

Sharing such a meeting has now become both essential and lawful / friendly. Disclosure of this conversation is a decision I have taken in good faith. From now on, both the Russian side and all parties in the world will understand well what’s been happening. 

Then everyone will immediately decide, stand up, and I will make decisions accordingly. These assumed alliances that have been playing/changing continuously for years will take their final shape, and the sides will enter World War III within these conditions. This news, I posted a warning right after we had the interview two days ago. I have stated that there is no way for Lavrov to transparently convey this meeting to Putin that he will play a game again. The two-day period I gave ended about an hour ago.

In the discussion, two people also attended who helps us. One is the mediator of Lavrov, the other one is my mediator. It’s not included two minutes of the discussion because the discussion was unexpected and unprepared. We did no falsification in his talk. Lavrov’s words were published here with great transparency and honesty.
Lavrov: We don’t want to get along with you badly, but you make friends with our enemies. If the intelligence power of Russia was weak, you would be controlling the A team of the Cobweb Cult nowadays.

Lavrov: In fact, you are well aware that Russia doesn’t look down on you. And if Russia were not a friend to you, we would not have stopped Tayyip by using Europe in many places.

We know that many countries are meeting you today. They are small but self-willed countries that have become the full pawn of the Cobweb Cult. These countries have no intention of sharing your case. These countries exist today, in future when the balances change they will be as if they do not exist, but Russia has never been that way. Russia has always made its presence clear. You deal big blows on Russia.

While you could stop Tayyip completely, you did not. Because you did not trust Russia. Although I take a poor view of you, I kept silent in many places and replied completely diplomatically. I acted in accordance with diplomacy. You have always preferred to humiliate me in the eyes of the world. It might not have been like this. I also think that you made us lose as much as you made us earn against America. But this does not mean that we cannot come together again, we cannot meet on the same denominator. Russia also expects this. Remember, none of those countries you meet will benefit you. You will be supported by a friendly and powerful neighbor, Russia.

The countries that we call small do not mean small in terms of population or area for us Countries that matter how much they weigh in the world for us. All of these countries are considered small fortresses of the Cobweb Cult. But Russia is coming strong enough to control the Cobweb Cult today. In fact, we were pleased that you broke off with Trump, and Russia will consider what you said.

Sometimes I think you don’t understand diplomacy at all. Because you foresee both to speak so clearly and to cooperate. This is quite a surprising thing. Russia has not always taken such a stance.

In fact, Russia / Putin has made moves that will not put you in trouble in your country by making concessions from himself and his country where necessary.
This would turn against him, but he made such decisions.

There may come a time when we can make such decisions again, it is near. These countries you talk are not a problem for us. We have serious business with South America. We have been experiencing disagreements lately, but these are also temporary. Because when China intervenes, the problems increase. I don’t think we can go on like this for long with China.

Well, we’ll continue later. Finally, there is one thing we want to say. In this issue of Central Asian Turkic states, this issue of Turks assimilated in Russia, I think you have gone too far on Russia. Think about that too. If we are to do business together, think about how difficult these will put Russia in a difficult position. And we advise you to keep in mind that this nation does not remain as nations of the past.

It is really correct. Turks and Russians have never been true friends throughout history, but we tried to be just in every Turkish state we ruled, in our power. We saw this as a humanitarian duty. Actually, the last thing you said, if there is a cooperation between us. It is gratifying to say that you will not scratch this wound of Russia. I can say that I am satisfied with this. Let’s continue the talks again. Russia will assess the issue. We also believe that we have achieved a positive result.

Lavrov: Actually, two days is a very short time, but we continue again.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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