Private life of Alihan Kuriş

I am very surprised by Alihan Kuriş and his accomplices, who are doing feverish work on my private life. This is not what they were supposed to do.

I don’t know how many thousand enemies I have from a hundred different fronts. It takes a long time if I count my enemies.

I have been in the field for more than ten years and my upright posture has not deteriorated for a second.

If I were not a man of my word, had flaws they have been looking for, I would be finished off thousands of times in the last ten years.

I went into this state’s prisons three times, I could not get out of any of them.

How many states, how many leaders, how many secret services, how many secret organizations I have disrupted their works that take a lot of time to count they have also found no flaws in me. Because there is nothing wrong with me.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. Until now, I could easily knock many influential and authorized people out of the game by hitting below the belt. I have had the chance to do it but I have not. I say that is not my style. The articles I have told about these in the past also remain.

If I had been a person who hits below the belt I would have published the prostitute women who Alihan sleeps with unmarried, with their identity information.

I would explain in detail that he made strange practices similar to the Mut’a marriage, which are not religiously valid in Islam.

I do not do these, but there is no obstacle for me to explain in detail that he uses Masonic connections while getting into these situations, even when providing women.

At a time when the gifts (monthly salary) of our hodjas(Islamic teachers) has not been deliberately given and our community has intentionally wanted to be driven to destruction, there is no reason for me to explain in detail how he gets along to hit the jackpot with the Masons he was involved in. There is no obstacle in front of many more things I can tell.

Neither the Masonic organization that has captured it, nor any state authority, nor any secret service can prevent me from telling them. Nobody can stand in front of me.

What am I waiting for… I said it from the beginning, no need to rush. I’m enjoying it. I will cool myself down. I and our brothers and sisters were also very patient. We got very heartbroken, we had to set up a lot of games in games.

Now his time is over, and we want him to become disgraceful and inaccessible, get his desserts, all the people and organizations he is connected with to be disgraced, and to open the eyes of Muslims. On this occasion, we will do wholesale cleaning in one go and we will undergo severe revision. We don’t need to rush on this.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi



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