I am the Hitler of World War III

If Putin, with whom I still want to establish friendly relations, does not immediately show the whole world his stance/determination to crush Armenia (Armenian lobby and betrayals) in Russia, especially Lavrov who is an Armenian and after he caused disgrace, he would be the leader that the reason of Turkish and Russian nations go through an experience of misfortune. Putin will go down in history as a Russian leader who made unimaginable wrong decisions at a historical break in Russia and the world.

Those treacherous Armenians will achieve their goals who betray the state/nation to which they belong and keep biting the hand that feeds them. Although it’s never wanted that Turkey and Russia will be on opposite fronts at World War III.

That’s what I can do, that’s it. In fact, I have already told and revealed that the schemes that are turning in Russian politics are like this. It was a grave mistake for Putin to wait until this time.
Even if Russia does not annihilate Armenia in her, we will destroy Armenia within us. The treacherous clique cannot be expected to remain in existence any longer. Whose damages are too numerous to be counted who has been appearing as a Turk for centuries and has meant to our religion, our customs, our culture, our morals, our health, our homeland, our lives.

I am not going to beat around the bush. Those who have been following me for more than ten years know everything. I am the Hitler of World War III. I will clear off a lot of things around the world. I will punish all those who make the world an uninhabitable place, move people into tears and drench people in blood. I write so clearly. Actually, I wrote it understandably, those who did understand it already. If there are still those who have not understood the criticality of the situation/conditions, I have no words to say further. Everybody choose your side!

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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