The real agenda of Turkey and the world

The cornered sides are keeping on making exaggerated metaphysical attacks. Patriots on the ground are also more or less influenced by these metaphysical pressures. We roughed down, are cleaning the field. Everything is under our control, and we will do ultra cleaning in just a few hours. At the same time, I put so many adversaries of mine at ease those are who could keep on making with metaphysics attacks nothing more. We have a strength and growth that grows day by day. We will continue this together.

We also had a talking with Iran. They were very despised, very lowly, but still, it was a short talking. I summarized some things that have happened over the years in a few sentences and said diplomatically, “You missed the train already.” They also understood it.

We will continue to undermine the business of money laundering in Turkey. Henceforth we will disrupt all kinds of black money-making business of Iran, Russia, China, Ankebut(Cobweb) network etc.
I would not recommend anyone to invest in Ukraine. We are diametrically opposed to the administrative staff of Ukraine. I do not think we can agree in the upcoming period. So far, I have done a lot of damage to them and have messed up their business, but this is just the beginning. I am very pleased with my good relations with the Ukrainian opposition, and I will support them.
We had talkings with opposition political figures of Germany. So far, I have seen that the German opposition understands my endeavor very well, that works best in this matter. They were very warm, very friendly, and multi-level approach to reality. They got the same response from me. From now on, I will always be in consultation with them in Turkish-German relations and world affairs. We will look at what we can do together. I believe that not only Turkey but also Germany can do pretty good things for the world of humanity.

I am in contact with many members of many royal families around the world. We have agreed in principle with almost all of them. I will wait for them to show their sincerity for a while, and after I believe in their sincerity, this will constitute a significant breaking point in world politics.
I had great connections with the administrative staff or opposition figures of many African countries. I am aware that some of them are malevolent, the others seem very sincere. I have promised even to Ethiopia, and everyone knows that I keep my promises. Let me have already warned the countries/leaders doing wrong deeds in Ethiopia.

I have even established connections with Asian countries that the majority of Turkish citizens have not even heard of it. I also consider them very valuable. I don’t just categorize the countries according to their population or area.
I do not interfere with anyone’s religion, lifestyle, dress, political preferences. It’s not my thing. I do not mind that one has what religion or life style. I am looking for honesty, right-minded, having the conditions to set out and work together.

I want to get along very well with the Grays.
Although they are the children of another Adam, we are all human beings after all. We can talk, we can get along. In these days when I am reshaping the world at the instant, I believe that the Grays will also want to be among us, they will gain a lot of power thanks to us and they will make us stronger.
When this happens, the winning side of the World War III / will already be certain.

Alihan Kuriş and his accomplices are cornered very well. Our brothers and sisters almost all have noticed it, suddenly realized how they were deceived. They have also got over the first shock. Now they are questioning and investigating everything.
It will soon be filed criminal complaints to judicial authorities then the movement will accelerate. At this stage, I will make the right interventions at the right time.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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