It’s time to divide the USA

It’s time to divide America. It’s time to disintegrate brain dead NATO. It is time to disintegrate the EU, which has already fallen apart but has not been announced. It is time to give way to the greens, not to prevent them.

Turkey will, in any way except in self-defense, use no military force against anyone. It’s also time that Turkey call back the troops from around the world. It’s time to not allow to take any steps in Turkey who has sent Turkish troops/army around all over the world to make black money.

Until the Cobweb Cult sink to the bottom that time has come to overwhelm all the other’s black money works and destroy all the other’s black money income in Turkey— for a period of time except for the Russian, Chinese and Iranian sides.
It is time to make Tayyip, a simple pawn, fall, and at the same time do nothing, make his owners inoperable and deepen their crises.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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