I do not play games, I am serious

There are those who know what is happening, there are those who do not. Let me explain some of it here. The Cobweb Cult, which has hit the bottom, slacked, has been struggling for days in order to communicate and get along with me.

Months ago, I wanted to move forward in common interests with them and gave them a chance. They always set up games. Finally, after I gave the “Cabinet will change / must change” messages, Tayyip went crazy, he gave his usual reaction, and then everything spoilt. They tried it again when recently seeing a tiny deal light. They made many moves in a row.

Since I knew that they had taken their lessons last time, that they were getting worse and losing power, I thought that this time they would stand seriously and not play games. I approached cautiously and gave way to them. They advanced, many troubled issues not only began to look up but also was to be resolved in their favor. They have instantly gained upward momentum on Turkey and world affairs. They have immediately forgotten their desperation and cornered state and became spoiled / demonized again.

I saw they were playing games again. I warned a few times but they didn’t see reason. For the second time, this struggle was unsuccessful.Thinking of lead us down the garden path, I suddenly cut everything off.

They couldn’t believe it, they had internal quarrels / conflicts, they were very shocked. Even NATO suddenly reversed its upward momentum. The Ukrainian issue also got into a bind. They collapsed suddenly, everywhere, at every point. For a few days they have continued to be disgraced about everything.

Recently, they literally begged. “We are barons. We are the highest masters. Nothing happens in this world without we allow it. You have struggled with the visible face of the Cobweb Cult, the underdog so far. We are now taking the issue. Don’t we have another chance? Can’t we get along? We know your sensitivities and will we respect them? We appreciate your intelligence, strategy, strength and want to see it with us. We do not mind if you take over your community. Come be with us. If you want, we can even take you among us. Until now, no genuine Muslims have been found among us, but you can be the first. They begged for a few days with the following sentences.

I first told them how helpless and about to end they really were. They immediately said, “All this happened because of you.” I said, “Yes, it was because of me. You are my enemy, we had clashed and you lost. Now, by remaining enemies, we can meet in common interests for a while. However, I have sensitivities and some conditions. “

I reluctantly gave them another chance ,and not being too hopeful. I told my very reasonable terms and made some requests. They kept me busy and set up games for days. During this time, they split into two groups and clashed with each other.

We called team A to those who wanted to agree with us, and team B to those who did not. When Team A struggled against Team B, we even gave them metaphysical support. We also gave the time they wanted. We wanted them to have no excuses when the time was up.

There were also top names among them who really wanted to agree with us, accept our rules, and shape the world together, and they still share this thought. However, looking at the whole, they were again devilish and insidious. While they were distracting by looking as if they still wanted to agree and set the terms I wanted, I gave the necessary response.

I said, “I had a very high probability that you would do this … from the beginning … You didn’t make me surprised again,” I said and cut it out. While doing this, I explained a few ways that I can follow from now on. They just remained silent.

I am rightfully very angry and I will support and let the whole world pass over them. Unless they are in conflict with me, I will not spoil their business while the Greens, the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, or any other side crushes them. I will even make way for them. I will even support those sides if necessary.

If the world collapses, I will not compromise my sensitivities. Even for a minute, my goal / goal was not worldly. There was no money, fame, applause, reputation, women, rank, rank, it will not. I am fighting my cause, not these. If I were after these, I would have it thousands of times by now.

I did not even chase after the person I was in love with. I never ever go after her. I pondered on my religion, my stance, my morals, my conditions are things that they cannot accept. I saw that they are not the ones who will give their girls to a Muslim, I wrote them off regardless of the cost. “He can’t, the nature of this job is obvious. You will come and be a servant to this door, you will see. This has always been the case throughout history. “They said. I trample it, I did it, I write it off. I have been brought to these days by passing incredible exams.

I keep in touch with many country leaders and influential politicians and opinion leaders from many countries, even if they are not leaders. Their numbers are increasing day by day. There are many elements of power that will continue to be beside me as I reshape the world as it should be. I am reading the terms correctly. I am aware of my strength and have used / am using very few of them yet.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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