A black magician community leader: Alihan Kuriş

Questioning and verifying is not difficult at all… Let me tell you so if anyone can claim otherwise, let me face it.

As a Muslim

  • falls into the hands of his/her nafs,
  • keeps committing sins,
  • makes mistakes, cruelty, and injustice,
  • eats the harams,
  • being defeated by greed, envy, grudge, arrogance, nafs,
  • darkens his heart,

as a result if his heart finally dies and he eventually becomes hypocrite or apostate, those who are knowledgeable / wise scholars/people always know how he becomes an enemy of Islam/Muslims after turning into this state, he became aggressive without any rules/boundaries. History is full of countless examples of this. If the subject is brought up, it cannot be completed for hours.

Continuing on his way for years, making him say ” maybe now he improves or his credit runs out” and in the last days, he expired his grace period and completely darkened his heart. Alihan Kuriş, who has fallen into disfavor of all our respectable majors, including our esteemable Master (Hazreti Üstazımız), and whose parts cannot be found, does not display a different style of behavior.

He wants to look like there are no problems around him, but he’s actually completely out of control. Since yesterday, he has been having me and my team casted black magic over and over that may cause death. Yes, he has been a brother in the common cause for him for so many years, who has been with him in unimaginable troubles and shielded himself, challenged the world so that he could serve there, and turned the balances of the world upside down, now he keeps having him casted black magic.

He also wants to kill me. He does not even care about a believer, an unbeliever, righteous, unfair, account, torment, hell. Is he paying with the money he snatches from our community or with the money he already earns, I haven’t clarified this part yet, but he pays good money to his magicians, including Jews.

Alihan Kuriş tries to take them away in his way those whom he thinks an obstacle for him that by having those our sincere Muslim brothers casted black magic, now wants to stop and silence me in the same way. Confirming this information is not even an issue . There are many sincere and respectable religion hodjas who have metaphysical abilities who can verify this, but there are also many people who are active in this field, apart from members of our community. When go and ask one of these people what I claim above, they can immediately confirm this information. Ask them, if you come across someone who expresses the opposite, send me their name and surname. I will face it.

In the meantime, it is said that he learned from his mother the work of achieving his goals by having people casted spells. Take a look at the situation into which they have brought our community.

For so many years, this community has been dealing with the sorcerer leaders of corrupt cults, hampering them, preventing them dishonour our religion and mysticism, and then an inutile decadent person makes our community honor dirty. I have no words to say to those who do not investigate them, those who do investigate and confirm but do not bring them to account, criticize me without any investigation, and that’s where words fail but I have a lot of replies.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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